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1911 marked the year of the fall of the Qing’s dynasty in China. The Qing’s dynasty was a minority Manchu dynasty that ruled China after the fall of the Ming dynasty. Overseas chinese in South East Asia especially in Malaya had made a great contribution towards the fall of the Qing’s dynasty. The Xinhai Revolution had made this possible.

1911 – 2010 : It has been nearly 100 years of the Xinhai Revolution.  During the period from the start of 1900 until 1999, the immigrants Chinese ethnic has evolved from the status of foreign immigrant of Malaya to citizens of independant Malaya and now Malaysia. It has been only 3 generations of the Malaysian Chinese. The grandfather who is an immigrant, the father who is bestowed with citizenship by Jus Soli and the son who is born a Malaysian citizen as birthright under the Constitution.

Most DAP leaders like Lim Kit Siang is under the second generation whereby Lim Guan Eng is the 3rd generation. Malaysia is still under the second proclamation of emergency since 1969, the 13th May tragedy and the communist insurgency. Civil liberties and citizenships rights can be suspended under any emergency laws. It was the Social Contract that resulted the Malaysian Chinese acquired Malaysian citizenships. Denying anything that have been agreed upon under the Social Contract means that anything that is given to the Malaysian Chinese can now be questioned hard.

Breaking away from the Social Contract means that DAP is starting the Xinhua philosophy and DAP can be questioned and can be criticized. Very little of the Malaysian Chinese can speak the national language fluently like Lim Kit Siang, he still have a very heavy Chinese’s slang.

It is time for a wake up call to DAP and the Malaysian Chinese not to break away for the Social Contract.  They must really proved to other Malaysian non-chinese ethnic that the Malaysian Chinese ethnic must earn what they received from the Malay under the Social Contract. They must abolish their vernacular schools. They must abolish their Xinhua’s thinking and philosophy and embrace the Malaysian Legacy. Do they have that spirit?

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