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hadi-awang-karpal-singhWhat a sad story…honeymoon is over for Pakatan Rakyat (PR)…it’s a case of love ends when marriage begins…PAS and DAP are really at odds.

Love has gone awry when DAP learns that PAS is adamant and very consistent in its pursuit for Islamic state and Hudud Laws.

The Kelantan episode on hair dressing salons and khalwat has taken away the ‘love’ between the two parties as they stand their grounds, in public of course because DAP needs the non-Muslims to know the party is fighting for their so-called rights.

PAS, on the other hand needs to stress to the Muslims that despite ‘sleeping on the same bed and sharing the same pillow’, the party will not allow DAP to ‘touch’.

Ha ha ha…just an analogy of the relationship between the two parties at present…taking swipe at each other but stand their grounds just to show to their respective supporters they are championing the cause.

This is especially so when support for the three parties in PR is dwindling by the day, eroding fast as fast the winds of tsunami fading…PR is truly in a state of desperation.

The latest on the Kelantan episode, DAP strongman (not to mention the mouthpiece of father and son owner of DAP – Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng), Karpal blew his top…he he he…his or his bosses…whoever lah.

Calling for PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang to make a stand on the by-law gender segregation issue, Karpal said the silence by the Kelantan exco to review the by-law on gender segregation that forbidding non-Muslim women to cut the hair or non-Muslim men, and vice versa in salons in Kota Baru did not speak well of a responsible government.

Karpal added: “The last that the DAP would want to do would be not to scuttle efforts by the opposition pact in its quest to capture Putrajaya in the coming election.

“However, that the objective cannot, and must not, mean sacrificing principle at the altar of political expediency. The DAP is committed to opposition to any attempts to extend Islamic law to non-Muslims, whether directly or indirectly,” he added.

Blunt and straight – no hiding – and yet both parties still want to work together, still aim to sit at Putrajaya and rule…wonder they really know the ground feelings…the needs and desires of the various races and religions, the economic approach for the various races, the bridging of economic gaps of the rich and poor of the various races and so on.

Before even official campaign begins, they are already fighting about basic principles of their respective parties, what more do we Malaysians expect if they are to rule?

They sure will not have honeymoons to celebrate or sleep on the same bed at Putrajaya the first night because they will be fighting on who should be on top…ha ha ha…

Honeymoon over and dreams vanish in the thick of the darkness of the night…a very pitiful sight, a sad story and sad ending.



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