Maybank Warns Users Of Fake SMS Number Used By Scammers To Obtain Personal Info -

Be wary of the messages you receive!
Maybank took to their Facebook page on 5 June to address the issue of a fake SMS that is being sent to its users via shortcodes. They warned that the SMS may be sent by scammers to steal your Maybank2u login details as well as other personal information.

“NEVER click on the link provided. Maybank will not send a link via SMS to confirm or update your account.”

They also reminded the public that if they want to access Maybank2u, simply type Maybank2u on your web browser. You can also call the number on the back of your bank card to confirm if the SMS received is authentic from Maybank.

Some online banking safety tips from Maybank include always manually key in the URL address in your browser to ensure you enter the official Maybank2u website.

You should only log in if you see your chosen security image and phrase and you must not proceed if you see any other images. Maybank also reminded its users to check their account and bank statement regularly. You should inform Maybank Fraud Hotline at +603 58914744 of any unauthorized transaction or any discrepancy detected.

Visit Maybank’s security awareness page on their website for more information.

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