Hua Zong: Chinese First, Malaysia Later

Pheng Yin Huah, President of Hua Zong Association recently regarding about the One School System which was said to be against the Federal Constitution and mocked Khairy Jamaluddin’s statement which questions vernacular schools. Yin Huah statement clearly shows that the want ‘Chinese First, Malaysia Later’.

it seems that Hua Zong, just like Dong Zong, are racist extremists who hold on to their Chinese roots without even considering the reality and the effects towards the country.

When we talk about the education system, we do not only talk about education but we also touch upon unity. Only hypocrites would not accept the fact that segregated education system is one of the main reason for the racial tension nowadays.

Pheng Yin Huah’s action in referring to the Constitution to justify his argument is just sad,

According to Malaysian Constitution, ‘no one would be stopped from using or teaching other languages.” This means that all races are free to use and learn by using their own mother tongue.

But, the national language, Bahasa Malaysia should be learned by all and it is the official language. Language and education is important in forming unity within the country. That is why we can see that no government in the world allow different schools for different races, other than Malaysia.

And it is clear that things that are practiced in Malaysia is not good and Hua Zong and Dong Zong are the proof.

If rakyat are taught in a single roof (One system school), extremists such as Hua Zong, Dong Zong or even Perkasa will never exist. But, too bad, from these Chinese extremists, Perkasa was then established to bring stability towards their demands and rudeness. Thus, triggering clashes that could threaten the country’s stability.

If Hua Zong’s issue is that they are scared that Mandarin might be extinct, vernacular school is not the only answer because they could still do it after school like how Malay children learn in sekolah agama.

From the economic angle, separated schools do not bring any profit, it even bring losses. We do not need to look far. The cost of Tamil school are high just to cover a few students and teachers. In Subang Jaya, there is a Tamil school which is situated right beside a sekolah kebangsaan, but the Tamil school only has a few students. Obviously, the utility cost, teachers’ salary, staff and others had to be covered by the government. If Tamil school do not exist and they learn in sekolah kebangsaan, all of those costs could be reduced.

In short vernacular schools would not just bring failure towards unity, it also costs a lot of financial loss.

But, writer feels that there is no use bringing out anymore statistics because Hua Zong, Dong Zong or Dong Jiao Zong would just ignore all of the facts given. They would not back up even a bit. They seemed to have been taught to be chauvinists from their vernacular schools.

That is why Chinese extremists organizations which ‘fights for education’ should be given serious attention because if the government really want to have the spirit of 1Malaysia. They should not be handled with diplomacy or professionally because it is obvious that they are not taught that way. Their way would be the gangster way. The way where one needs to threaten and blackmail until their demands are fulfilled.