#PAS AND DAP JUST DO NOT HAVE A MEETING POINT @nikabdulaziz #pakdin.my

godfather dap pasPAS and DAP are at loggerheads again…this time the issue is over singer Elton John…PAS claims having Elton John perform in Malaysia is like promoting gay.

So the ‘war’ between the two parties will not end as long as there are differences in the basic principle – prohibited in Islam and acceptable by non-Muslims.

The two parties have been having verbal clashes just about everything and anything and their leaders still claim they are together in everything and they can work together to rule the country.

Imagine the hyporacy – they just could not care less about the voters – their ultimate aim is to win and rule…what happens after that is immaterial.

Both the parties stand on a totally different footings – one Islamic fundamentalism and the other secularism and pluralism .

They just cannot meet as they are on different tracks – parallel track that do not meet from the beginning to the end.

And politically, they are using each other to benefit oneself…hopeful that each party would deliver the numbers they need…to unseat BN and in particular the backbone of the party Umno.

On certain issues, the top guns of the party Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng (father and son team) will keep quiet and release its dog Karpal Singh to make noise and on other issues, the party youth wing will make noise.

In short, both father and son will maintain silent as though to them they do not mind what PAS is doing while the ones that voice out their opinions are Karpal and the youth wing.

Unlike PAS, the party has been consistent in its stand and so are the leaders except for the Syura Council chief Nik Aziz Nik Mat, whose statements sometimes depending on who was beside him.

But on the overall, PAS is consistent in its Islamic stand…against any type of ‘mungkar’…things that are prohibited in Islam such as concerts that see males and females together and so on.

Selling liquors and the latest…male hairdresser cutting females’ hair or vice-versa which has created discontent between the two parties.

In reality, Islamic principles are meant for Muslims and do not at all involved nor affect non-Muslims like the verse al-kafirun (verse on infidels).

However, overzealous has made PAS what it is at present and this is the different between PAS and Umno.

Umno is moderate as it follows the true teaching of Islam, not simply implementing laws that are not in accordance of Islamic principles – fair and just.

That are the characteristics of Prophet Muhammad…fair and just.