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Rafizi Ramli, PKR’s Strategy Director once again raised yet another controversy as he pressures Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor to respond to the claim saying Deepak Jaishikin had paid an amount of RM13 million to purchase 19 jewelries for her, from two firms in Hong Kong to ‘smoothen’ up a land deal.

Rafizi’s claim is backed with a purchase document such as invoice and email and it has been spread through the opposition’s websites.

However, before the issue shoots up like crazy, it somehow turned cold when Deepak uploaded a video on Youtube which raises rage on Rafizi and his boss, Anwar Ibrahim. The footage on Deepak’s speech is seen as yet another bomb which will hit Anwar Ibrahim, because it reminds us to an old script, Scorpene.

Prior to this, Raja Petra Kamaruddin, a blogger paid by the opposition who thinks that he is a man of integrity, revealed how he was given the order by some sides to tarnish the image of Dato’ Seri Najib by trying to link him to a corruption and murder case which is related to the business deal on Scorpene submarine. This exposure is consistent with the chronology of Bala’s statutory declaration which took a U-turn before he fled away from the country, just like the blogger.

This Scorpene’s accusation is then taken over by SUARAM, only to fail after the truth came out when the French government came up and made a statement to deny all of claims made by SUARAM.

That is why, we see that Deepak’s statement is just the thing which we have predicted where it is just another desperate attempt taken by the opposition to proceed with what SUARAM had failed to do. Deepak’s statement regarding his relationship with Anwar is consistent with the opposition’s modus operandi for the Scorpene issue where he needs to repay the deeds by tarnishing the government’s image for the opposition.

Hence, Deepak has somehow helped us in completing the puzzle of Anwar Ibrahim’s strategy to be in power. However, there are questions regarding Deepak’s credibility in the matter of the jewelry issue which is raised by Rafizi.

As for now, the jewelry issue is easily responded by pro-government blogs as it does not prove Datin Seri Rosmah’s involvement anywhere. Even the invoice can easily be fabricated which the email can be create anytime. The only thing which we can see from what Rafizi claimed from the document would be that the company, Carpet Plus had made a payment to Dehres and Firestone for the purchase of jewelries, that is about it.

The owner of the company nor whom does the jewelries belong to cannot be proven. It is probably being sold back, or perhaps a wedding present for some tycoon, or perhaps it belongs to Rafizi, who knows?

With such weak ‘attack’, Anwar Ibrahim should have fired Rafizi. This is because it is so obvious that he does not deserve to hold the post of PKR’s Strategy Director.

This is not the first time Rafizi failed, before this, he failed in an attempt to lie in saying as if ICAC Hong Kong will investigate Musa Aman,with the cooperation from the opposition. (The modus operandi is almost as same as the case of Scorpene deal where SUARAM lied by saying that French court was investigating the case when the real fact was, there was no case at all).

Rafizi also failed during the NFC issue after violating 21 of BAFIA laws when he gained the access to confidential banking documents by confusing a bank officer.

Not just that, Rafizi also failed in the attempt to lie when he mentioned that he has the evidence to prove that LRT Ampang is not safe and that it is given to a company which is not credible. The same thing happen when he ganged up with Nurul Izzah when they claimed that KLIA2’s Air Traffic Control (ATC) system is given to a company which is not credible even though the company has been providing its service in KLIA for 17 years with no issues at all.

Considering Rafizi’s bad records in cheating, and Deepak as a successful businessman, the question of who is actually cheating is not that tough to answer.

What is certain, Deepak’s statement seem to ‘make sense’ if we are to look back at the ‘path’ taken during Scorpene issue, which then went to SUARAM, Bala and Raja Petra Kamaruddin where finally brought us to a single name, Anwar Ibrahim.

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