Utama POLITIK Harakah Lied Saying 200,000 Came For HKR #KL112

Harakah Lied Saying 200,000 Came For HKR #KL112

With having the capacity of only 30,000 and less than 50,000 square feet in size for the stadium, do people still believe that the number of attendance of participants in Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat reached 200,000 people like what is claimed by Harakah? Some of the opposition’s media as well as their bloggers even claimed more, up to 700,000!

They made the calculation based on the view of the packed stadium, added with participants from outside of the stadium which covers 7km of the perimeter from the stadium. Would anyone believe their claim?

If their is true, Kuala Lumpur would have been in a massive crawl and business owners would have complained just like what happened during the opposition’s previous rallies. However, none of those happened this time around. Some participants did not even encounter any problem to head to the rally because there were no massive roadblocks.

The fact is, even though the situation seemed a little loose, PR still could not rally up even 1 percent from their 1 million people target. The official numbers which was released by the police was 30,000 at stadiums seats, 10,000 at the stadium pitch and about 5,000 to 7,000 outside of the stadium, and that is more logical.

This is because, PR’s logic in taking the 7km radius cannot be used because it is impossible for supporters to be around the stadium. Their supporters only filled one road, the one in front of the stadium entrance, even then it only showed supporters filling up about 1km of the road leading to the stadium.

Perhaps getting early information that things are under control, the police decided to be less strict during the rally. Their information was then proven to be correct as participants did not perform any provocation nor cause riot.

This means that the police managed to predict the number of participants going for the rally. PR, however, fail to see the real numbers even when the rally was over.

This such huge gap in numbers, reported by pro-PR media, proves that PR simply ‘crunched’ their numbers to describe the support towards HKR. PR is aware that HKR was actually a failed attempt and it did not raise that many attention.

Some participants even said that HKR was much more ‘gloomy’ to be compared to BERSIH 3.0. Many went home early and the Chinese and Indians could not even care.

The ones who still believe in the superimposed pictures would be a few PAS members and stupid teens in PKR. They are PR’s only hope for support.

PR had no choice but to ‘sell’ the superimposed pictures for the sake of their supporters. Meanwhile, media such as Harakah had to keep on playing the game of lies to cover PR’s shame.

Besides, Harakah would not be Harakah if they report the truth where HKR failed because the number of supporters came to the event was less than 50,000. It might be hard for Harakah to write the story if the numbers were more than that because if it does, rakyat might have to witness the collapse of a stadium as well as injuries and death of HKR supporters.

However, it is not impossible that PR leaders kind of hoped for tragedies to happen, so that they can blame the government…sadly, even that could not happen.

At least 45,000 people have joined a massive opposition rally in Malaysia’s largest city – Al Jazeera
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