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lim_guan_eng_dap_racist_rasis_nazi_hitler_penangLooking back at the history of Chinese migration during the tin mining era in Perak, leads us to the history organized crime. The Chinese had established a few triads not long after British took over Penang (1786) and Singapore (1819). Since 1799, Chinese triads had began opposing British administration in Penang. Few of the famous triads include Ghee Hin (Cantonese) and Hai San (Hakka).

Few of these triads’ objectives include gaining control over tin mines, labor trade, gambling and prostitution. Things got worse because in 1831, there were only 18 policemen for 16,000 in Singapore. Even the number of legal officers were too little to settle all criminal cases. Until 1856, there was only a single Judge in Straits Settlements. This only help develop Chinese triads.

Until 1867, no positive measures were taken to control the triads. The only measure taken by the government before 1867 was calling leaders of these Chinese gangs whenever there were chaos and asked them to keep everything in order.

After 1867, a few measures were taken to control these triads and they include:

a. Peace Preservation Act 1867

In 1867, Sir Harry Ord, the first Governor of Straits Settlements had passed this act. With it, the Governor has full power to sentence expulsion towards those who are guilty in threatening public order without any trial nor citizenship rights. Corporal Punishment and shooting towards demonstrators are allowed.

b. Registration of Establishments Act 1869

In 1869, the government had passed the Registration of Establishments Act which requires all organizations which has more than 10 members to register. They are required to mention all of their members’ name as well as their posts and state the reason of their establishment.

c. Establishment of Chinese Protectorate 1877

In 1877, the government had established Chinese Protectorate which was led by W.A. Pickering. W.A. Pickering receives the trust from Chinese as he could speak Chinese.

d. Approval of Law

Two laws to avoid laborers and to protect Chinese immigrants who have been registered.

e. Establishments Ordinance 1889

In 1889, the government had passed Establishments Ordinance which bans Chinese triads. They were given 6 months to stop their operations. The ordinance had forced these triads to operate in secret or re-organized by operating with other names.

However, the measures taken by Straits Settlements government to wipe off these Chinese triads did not come to a success. They continued operating their business in secret until today.

Under the previous emergency ordinance 5/69, criminals and triads can be arrested and held for 60 days. Next, under Section 4 (1) can be sentenced by the Home Ministry to be held in a Probation Center in Pulau Jerejak, Penang for two years or under section 4A (1) the same Ordinance which can be sentenced to house arrest by the Home Ministry for two years.

Those who are arrested will be held in probation centre in Simpang Renggam, Muar and Machang.

Looking at the history of those who were arrested under the Act above, we cannot help but to wonder why do the opposition really want to eliminate these Acts.

The opposition even seem to be ‘celebrating’ the release of an inmate in Simpang Renggam as soon as the Act was abolished and replaced with New Bill Safety Offences (Special Measures) 2012.

2,664 offenders under the act were gradually released since 2010 and most of them are Chinese and Indian. The release somehow caused some worry among rakyat.

Obviously their worry should count, showing doubt on the opposition’s motive in this matter when a month later, we read the news how a former inmate of Simpang Renggam aws killed, with the motive of vengeance on past crime.

Three months later, it was reported that five former inmates committed three robbery cases.

At the same time, cases involving robery, snatch theft and murder (related to Ah Long) kept on increasing as well as the increased number of massage houses and night clubs around Selangor and Penang. All of these crimes are related to one another and they are organized, making it hard find any evidence or trace.

Even the Chinese cannot deny that triad is just a part of their ‘culture’. That is why, we often see open protest from the race which claim DAP as the leader of triad, prostitution, Ah Long etc.

It is clear that even the Chinese are worried if DAP managed to take over the country through Pakatan Rakyat, and increase the number of ‘gangsters’ here. Their worries is said to have triggered from the five murder cases which happened within the period of two days since February 6.

The fact is, the relationship between DAp and triads has been a public secret where everyone suspected it but they cannot confirm anything. However, it is sad that some of us do not take this seriously.

Today, PR/DAP managed to ‘release’ inmates in Simpang Renggam, and number of crimes went up just like that. Just imagine what kind of people would the release if they are in power, and crime rates would definitely go up.

UTAMAENGLISHDAP Is Responsible Over Increasing Number Of Crimes

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