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During 2008-2011 the Corruption Perception Index has dropped 13 points. This is the time when the Pakatan Rakyat is in control of the two ‘economic states’ i.e. Penang and Selangor, and it still is.

While Penang is in full control by Chinese DAP, Selangor is indirectly controlled by Chinese DAP too.

And all the while, Chinese DAP has been accusing and hammering the Malay-led Federal Government as corrupt-to-the-bone. For that, they call all the people to change the government and put them in power for they are the only party with integrity and capability and credibility and transparency.

The 13th GE result has proven that the Chinese has come together in total unity to change the ‘corrupt-government’.

Nobody is saying the government is squeaky clean but to say that DAP is ‘cleaner’, just makes me sick.

No one would believe that DAP is a party of integrity and transparency, or capability and credibility – unless the person is either the biggest fool, or the most hideous hypocrite.

DAP has even set a record for the ‘soonest ever corrupt practice by a political party in power’ – thanks to Nga Kar Meng’s wife for getting the contract to supply ‘lounge suits’ for Perak’s Council, only after 42 days of PR’s reign. If that is not corruption, then what is it?

And do not forget about the death of Teoh Beng Hock. The poor guy lost his life in MACC’s office, yes, and he shouldn’t lose his life that way. But he wasn’t there for a study tour or a casual visit to a friend. He was there as a witness to DAP’s corruption case. And his death has helped ‘saved’ many DAP top leaders.

Think about it, someone, their own people, actually died, to save the party. How corrupt can a party be?

If that doesn’t ring a bell of DAP’s corruption, the chinese who cry for ‘integrity’ must have got very poor memory if they don’t remember why PKR Division head, Boo Chang left the party to join Barisan Nasional some time ago. To refresh their memory, Boo Chang resigned because he couldn’t stand Lim Guan Eng’s hypocrisy, corruptness and dictatorship in handling sPICE project in Penang. The project was awarded without open tender despite Guan Eng’s brag of transparencies in DAP.

Look at the rate Penang Development Corporation (PDC) is selling land to private developers. Sales of land gives only one-off benefit to the state as compared to previous arrangements where PDC took part as a joint venture partner.

The same goes to where the Selangor’s State Economic Development Corporation (PKNS) has transformed itself from a developer of houses for low to medium income rakyat to be a commercial developer building high end condominiums, bungalows and high profit margin developments.

There is also a question of sand mining in Selangor and where all the sand went which nobody seem to be able to add the volume and figures up.

If these are called Credibility, Accountability and Transparency (CAT) then we should rather be ruled by a cat.

Not to mention the rapidly growing night and adult entertainment under PR/DAP ruling. We don’t have to be a police officer to know that all these ‘dark’ businesses are linked to ‘darker’ activities such as dirty money laundering, gangsterism, abuse of power or, to put it in one word: corruption.

What worse is that these dark businesses and darker activities will not stop there at the clubs or government offices or police stations, but it could get to people’s doorstep and jeopardize the family and society. That’s the level of damage from corruption that DAP could cause us all.

So, if the Chinese insist that they vote for DAP because they want a clean government, I would say go flush yourself in the toilet. You may fool yourself, but you can’t fool others. How can you talk about integrity, when you don’t even have dignity?

Before any Chinese rebut this article, make sure you go and clean yourself up first!

UTAMAENGLISHAll Chinese Wants Is A Clean Government: Bullshit!

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