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POLITIKAnwar Could Not Control Chaotic PR

Anwar Could Not Control Chaotic PR

Anwar-peningThese days, complaints from DAP’s top leadership is getting more obvious. Most of them are saddened with party leader’s dictatorship. The party had delayed it’s election toce and few of the reasons include the worry from the leaders whom began to realize the sentiment from top leadership who are not pleased with them.

The top leadership expressed their dissatisfaction by supporting leaders who are not in the circle of Lim’s family or friends. A few of those who Lim Guan Eng favored lost during the election, few of them include Wong Kah Woh and his political secretary, Ng Wei Aik.

This clearly showed how DAP are tired of Lim and his circle can no longer deny the matter. However, rumors are saying that Lim’s circle will not stay quiet and they would work hard to ensure that each of the party members will bow down to them.

DAP’s problems get even bigger when PAS began to stand up to themselves against the party which all these while has been seen as the more superior one.

PAS also suffered trust issues from top leadership had to prove that the party is not just a follower to DAP. So, the issues of Muslim women cutting mens’ hair as well as khalwat between non Muslims because the great clash between PAS and DAP.

PAS seems to be very consistent and they would not back out from their decision on both of those cases. But it is surprising that they are not focusing on matters that are more serious such as vice, LGBT and murtad cases. In murtad for example, PAS is willing to lose one of their great leaders such as Datuk Dr. Hasan Ali just to please DAP. But it is more surprising that PAS would slash DAP’s throat because they would not allow Muslim women to cut men’s hair.

What is worse is when PAS even accepted an LGBT as their Prime Minister but they cannot tolerate with non-Muslims committing khalwat.

What is more interesting is when PKR chooses to not say anything about this clash within their own coalition.

Anwar Ibrahim, as the Opposition Leader and PR’s future Prime Minister did not even make any statement to handle the issues hitting his party allies. Perhaps he is aware that anything he says would not provide any impact to DAP and PAS because no one really respect a sodomite and a corrupted man as him.

Hence, Anwar simply let the two fight one another without doing anything about it.

PR’s internal issue is not a small matter because it has been piling up all these while, and now it is spreading. If back then we would see that PAS had to beat DAP before winning the GE but now we can see that even in DAP itself, there are efforts to bring down Lim Dynasty in the party election. Thus, how can DAP face PAS’s uprising?

It seems like DAP, PKR and PAS is no longer a coalition, or to be more precise, they are never a coalition in the first place. They only agreed to work together to bring down BN in elections, that is it. They have never discussed and agreed to lead the country together and to make Anwar as their Prime Minister. Anwar would merely be a their puppet or their power symbol.

The fact is, even though DAP, PAS and PKR each have their own Presidents, Pakatan Rakyat do not really have a leader. PR is just an illusion for those who are crazy for power which is now in chaos.



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