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POLITIKAnwar, No Means No – Bob Carr

Anwar, No Means No – Bob Carr

We are sickened, disgusted and ashamed by ABC News report on our Opposition’s Leader, Anwar Ibrahim passing a handwritten note to Australia’s Foreign Minister Bob Carr asking for help in the next general election.

Just months ago, Ambiga Sreevenasen, the Chairman of Bersih, an NGO claimed to be fighting for a fair and clean election did the same. She went to Australia, begging the country’s senate and government to come and monitor our election.

She was dismissed, with a simple factual, irrefutable remarks by Minister Bob Carr: “I understand the Malaysian government has argued that the last election must have been fair—it lost its two-thirds majority in the parliament.” With that, Ambiga had to bring her thick-faced home and told Anwar that the Australian said no, they can’t send people to oversee or monitor Malaysian election just to make Malaysian government look bad.

Even though Ambiga keeps insisting that Bersih is independent but then it was Anwar that was giving orders in the last Bersih’s demonstration. And he and other opposition leaders were always there either beside or in front of Ambiga in all other Bersih’s rallies.

But somehow, during Mr. Carr’s visit to Malaysia, Anwar again tries his luck and asked for the same favour. The answer was again, no.

Mr. Carr’s said no to Ambiga, said no to Anwar during the visit and said no to the handwritten note sent by Anwar and repeated it in the ABC News report. That is, four times of ‘no’.

It looks like Anwar has some trouble understanding the word ‘No’. Maybe that was why he was tried twice for sodomy-rape.

Even if Anwar finally understands the Australian’s ‘no’, it will not stop him from trying harder to tarnish the country’s image and he will continue doing so in his attempt to create instability and chaos. If one doesn’t know Anwar well, one would never be able to comprehend why he would do such thing to his own country.

For those who wonder why Anwar is doing what he’s doing, you must first get to know the man’s character rather than just watching him in action in the widely distributed sex-video.

Anwar has an ambition so high and an oversize ego that allow him no turning back. He wants to be the ultimate leader, ‘the man’ that controls everything and ‘the man’ that everybody bows to. And for that, he has to bring down the current government first. He could or should have succeeded, looking at his mysteriously, unlimited funds and tireless effort in demonizing the government in over a decade and throughout the era of three Prime Ministers. But, he has not.

Why? Because, the only thing that makes his ambition seems so far-fetched is that Malaysia is in a good shape and it’s evident in its people’s peaceful, almost heavenly routine. This evident also tallied with our economic report.

People from third world countries flock over Malaysia for petty work, but ended up having a good life beyond imagination. There’s a saying among them that says, ‘if you get starved in Malaysia, you must be one very lazy, good for nothing fellow’.

Malaysians themselves are overfed, pampered and being too well cared-for by the government through subsidies and even free-gifts. Peace, comfort, food, cars, laptops, handphones that are considered luxurious in other part of the world are taken for granted in Malaysia.

This is what makes Anwar crazy because he can’t beat the government in the election as the government is clearly doing a good job. He may demonize the leaders but the demon is not felt by the people. For that, the people keep voting the same government over and over.

So, Anwar needs to get help from the outside but first he has to convince them that the people of Malaysia are with him and want to change the government but could not do so because the election was not and has never been fair.

Still, with four states fell to the hands of Anwar’s party and its allies in the last election, the whole idea of unfair and unclean election seems too fictionalized, ridiculous, or an outright lie.

Anwar may be too arrogant, if not too dumb to see that the Australian’s rejection to his quest means more than just a politically-correct action to be taken, it also means that it is over for him.

Anwar is a liar and the world is slowly starting to see that, more vividly now than before.



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