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Kampung Nail is a quiet and tranquil village with old small houses along the river mouth of Kuala Besut.

A flat area of some 3km square with narrow tarred roads where only one vehicle can through at one time, it houses some 1,000 population who are mostly fishermen.

As early as 4am the fishermen take to the open sea to catch fishes with some 30-odd trawlers that the government had given them to enable them to have better catch and higher income.

By 8am to 9am, they land their catch at the Fisheries Development Authority (LKIM) complex at the mouth of the river where they sell their catch to LKIM and keep some of the catch for their own consumption.

For Mohd Aimi Md Nor, 41, and the rest of the fishermen at his village, it is a daily routine unless during rainy season where they could not go to the sea.

Asked on his daily income, Mohd Aimi said it all depended on the catch of the day which fluctuated from RM100 to even RM1,000.

Asked on average income which he could not figure, he said the income is comfortable for his family of five.

“We are simple people with simple needs and the help the government give make our life better and more comfortable,” he said.

Politically, Mohd Aimi said nearly 80 percent of the villagers supported Umno and BN, the party he described as very helpful and sensitive of their needs.

“I am not a politician and I have no education except till Form 5 so I do not involved myself in politics but I know, and many of us fishermen here know that Umno and BN has always helped us.

“So this by-election, you can expect some 80 percent of the villagers will vote for BN,” he added sincerely.

Yes, what more does the people want when they are pampered by the government.

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