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BERITAENGLISHBoo'ed Candidate Chosen By Anwar: Proof That PKR Supporters No Longer Respect...

Boo’ed Candidate Chosen By Anwar: Proof That PKR Supporters No Longer Respect Anwar

Ceramah Anwar di Sungai Isap gagal dapat sambutan  ANWAR Ibrahim ketika berucap pada program Jelajah Merdeka Rakyat di Sungai Isap, kawasan Parlimen Kuantan yang dihadiri kira-kira 500 penyokong tegar parti pembangkang di Kuantan
Ceramah Anwar di Sungai Isap gagal dapat sambutan

Many were shocked shocked when the candidate chosen by Anwar for Indera Mahkota Parliament seat was boo’ed by PKR supporters. The candidate is Dato’ Fauzi Abd. Rahman who is also the Chairman of PKR Pahang. The current seat holder for the parliament is Azan Ismail but he has been transferred to Terengganu, a decision which was clearly rejected by PKR grass roots.

Grass roots not agreeing with candidates chosen by highest leader is not something weird, it is something which cannot be avoided for some areas for each parties in every elections.

However, the thing which makes this a huge issue is when PKR supporters do not respect their de facto leader, Anwar Ibrahim.

PKR supporters decided to mock Dato’ Fauzi that Anwar had to repeat the same announcement for three times. It is said that some supporters even left the event.

We do understand if some of those supporters might still hate Dato’ Fauzi, however, we are surprised with the level of respect given by these supporters to their own future Prime Minister. We also understand that the grass roots members at the constituency prefer the current seat holder, Azan Ismail, however, why embarrass Anwar?

They might have lost their respect for Anwar because of his totalitarian attitude whenever it comes to the party’s election, where he refuses to listen to grass roots and makes his own decision.

If Anwar refuse to respect grass roots, then how can they respect Anwar?

In another angle, we are not surprised if Anwar does not respect grass roots because PKR’s grass roots has been proven to often act blindly where they would always give their support to Anwar no matter how many of his misconducts are revealed and proven.

Anwar doesn’t just don’t have any respect for them, he doesn’t even care about them. Anwar doesn’t mind gambling with their future, or even the lives of his supporters as he always urge them to cause riots.

Since 1998, Anwar never really care about the safety of his supporters. He even openly hopes for ‘Arab Spring’ where there was a lot of bloodshed when people rebelled against the government.

Whatever it is, the incident in Kuantan shows how Anwar has lost his ‘aura’. Anwar is now just a ‘regular human being’, no longer a ‘great leader’ in the eyes of his supporters. It is not impossible most of his supporters only support PKR because they have been ‘brainwashed’ to hate Barisan Nasional, not because they have great respect or trust Anwar Ibrahim.

If they run out of issues, Anwar might be able to create issue. But if the aura’s gone, how can Anawr look for the issues?

So, even if Anwar do win the coming GE, do believe that he will not be respected as leader because rakyat, including his own supporters are aware of who he really is.



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