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The Registrar of Society (ROS) issued a letter DAP stating it did not recognize the party top leadership. In short it did not recognize the CEC election held December last year, after investigating complaints made by DAP delegates and members who were not called to take part in the party election.

Now party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng (actually he and his father Lim Kit Siang own the party) has called for an emergency meeting to deal with the matter.

And as usual, party leaders are doing checks whether the letter is authentic or fake.

In reality, ROS as the agency that has the authority to investigate on the complaints and take the necessary action has been very lenient and compromising in dealing with the issue.

And if its decision is jst not recognizing the leadership, then ROS is being very very lenient because in the case of Umno in 1987, the ROS de-registered the party despite it being the ruling party.

In the case of ROS, the Registrar did not de-register the party and thus, DAP has no problem to continue participating in the general election except probably it has to do another party election, and this time probably also under the scrutiny of ROS.

So DAP has nothing to shout about and there is no need for the party to cry foul of ROS’ decision, if indeed it is the ROS wrote the letter.

And the party leader should take the matter to the street claiming the Malay ROS trying to rid a chauvinistic Chinese party from the country’s political scene.

It was DAP’s own fault for the ‘blunder’ in counting during the party poll and blaming it on computer error – typo error – which no Malaysians in their right and sane minds will agree.

The party election came under heavy fire from members and former leaders who knew the rigging would occur as the party leadership – that was the incumbents – tried to stick to the quota that no Malays should be elected.

Democratic as it may seem, the alleged ‘tow the line thing’ is being followed religiously so that the party continues its Chinese brand and image.

Rightly or wrongly, the party leaders would not want the party philosophies and struggle be diluted nor change from within with the inclusion of non-Chinese in the leadership line-up, except for Krpal Singh’s family, whose loyalty have been tested through times.

Back to the ROS, whether the letter is authentic or not, DAP is not affected in any way and the party candidates can continue contesting under the party’s flag without any hitch.

The party can continue championing the Chinese cause and split the unity forged long time ago to gain influence in the democratic process of election created by former leaders who wanted to see Malaysians as one race.

Indeed, DAP’s Malaysian Malaysia is just a beautiful picture that contains rotten intents.



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