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POLITIKDAP Wants To Use Prince To Eliminate Royal Institution?

DAP Wants To Use Prince To Eliminate Royal Institution?

Tunku Zain Al-‘Abidin Tuanku Muhriz

As part of DAP’s effort to remain relevant in the society and Malaysian politics, the party has never clearly mentioned their principal which rejects Malay Royal Institution. However, to those who are aware of DAP’s history, they would always be on high alert on DAP’s main principle which rejects Article 153 which states Malay and Islam rights that is protected by the Royal Institution.

Even though the matter is covered by the party’s leaders, DAP’s principal can be seen through comments of its supporters in social networking sites which clearly hate everything that has to do with Malays. It can also be seen through DAP’s constant effort in trying to weaken anything that has to do with Malays. Few of them include language and culture, which brings us to the case where DAP representatives refuse to put on traditional attire in Dewan with the excuse that it has the characteristics of Malay-Muslim.

Their excuse saying that they do hold on to the Constitution and acknowledges Royal Institution was then proven to be lies after top leadership of the party criticized Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham and Datuk Teng Chang Khim as they accepted Darjah Kebesaran awarded by Malay Royals because the action was seen as a violation to the party’s principal. Rakyat however, can never fall for such thing and we are aware that the principal is made based on DAP’s rejection towards Malay Royals.

When it is revealed how DAP tried to get Tunku Zain Al-‘Abidin Tuanku Muhriz to join the party by giving him the post of Chief Minister, it shows how disrespectful Dap really is towards Royal Institution. Even though the participation of a Prince to the political arena is not wrong and that it rarely happen, DAP’s actions in luring him and promising the post was very disrespectful.

Especially with DAP’s main principal in rejecting the Institution, the actions only shows that DAP only want to use him to raise Malay votes just so that they could again use him if the strategy works.

Perhaps many still want to deny this matter and claim that I am a racist and paranoid. But it is not wrong for us to be cautious considering that as of this moment, we still cannot guarantee that DAP would not pursue their agenda to eliminate Article 153, and Malay Royals, if PR wins the coming GE.

With PAS going weaker and PKR being too dependent to its ally, DAP might have the total power if PR leads this country. We could even see that today, only that it is not that obvious because the party needs to stay relevant in the political arena and Malaysians to win elections.

Thus, like what was mentioned above, DAP’s offer to Tunku Zain, it is just a strategy to win elections. That is it.

Malays should not take DAP’s main principal which goes with the slogan ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ lightly. Do know that the principal has never changed, it stays in the hearts of DAP supporters and leaders.

Thus, we should understand what is socialist and what is total equality and the impact to rakyat, religion and the country. Before understanding all of that, do not even think of defending DAP in this matter.

The Royals are our defence mechanism, if the Institution’s insulted with such manner with post even lower than his current status, should we keep on giving our full trust to DAP?




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