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It is confirmed…Penang DCM 1 Mansor Osman is to be ‘slaughtered’ comes next general election. He is not worthy as far as PKR is concerned and he is a liability.

PKR de facto chief Anwar Ibrahim announced the candidacy of Mansor for Nibong Tebal, Penang, ahead of all other announcements of candidates.

This means only one thing – Anwar is trying hard to please DAP particularly Lim Guan Eng – as Mansor has antagonized him with his remark that Guan Eng is cocky and arrogant.

Guan Eng, a vindictive man even to his own people, can no longer tolerate Mansor and Anwar knows this, thus the decision to move Mansor out of the state seat to the parliamentary seat which has a 50-50 chance of winning.

Mansor is to be sacrificed to win the hearts of DAP so that Anwar enjoys the support to achieve his ambition to become Prime Minister.

Antoganisng Guan Eng is big mistake in DAP’s politics and politics of Penang. Guan Eng is ‘untouchables’ to the extent that even Karpal Singh has to watch his words when talking about Guan Eng.

Mansor is to be fielded in a constituency with about 43 percent Malay voters and 40 percent Chinese voters and given the current scenario where majority of the Malays have ‘returned’ to BN, Mansor is in deep shit.

Truly he is now considered as a liability more than an asset to Anwar’s grand plan in the unregistered PR alliance and in fact, the Malay members of PKR in Penang are just Anwar’s ‘stepping stone’ to achieve his personal ambition, not that of the whole Malays.

Now lets just hope the Malays in PKR in Penang see Anwar’s grand plan and react to reject this because if they don’t, then their future is Penang is as good as gone.

Currently, Anwar has shown his ‘cruelness’ in politics. This is shown as he easily pushed Mansor, who has been backing him through thick and thin, aside as though Mansor is not worthy to be kept in Penang as DCM as well as head of state chief.

So now it is up to Mansor to react and there is not much time left. Instead of losing in shame, it better for Mansor to leave PKR now in a dignified manner so that Malaysians at large still respect him as a leader, a man who protects the interests of the Malays despite being made scapegoat.

Mansor should show to Malaysians that he is no push-over in politics, that he is a leader for the Malays in Penang.

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