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BERITAMicrosoft Reveals Surface RT Pricings, To Be Available in 8 Countries

Microsoft Reveals Surface RT Pricings, To Be Available in 8 Countries


One of the key questions that many have asked when Microsoft first unveiled its own line of Windows 8 tablets – the Surface – back in June has finally been answered today. The company today has announced several new details regarding its ARM-version of Surface (officially called as Surface with Windows RT) including pricing and its availability in a number of selected markets worldwide.

The base price of the Microsoft Surface RT with 32GB worth of storage in United States has been set at RM 1,523 (USD 499) minus the magnetic Touch Cover. Together, they will cost at RM 1,829 (USD 599) and the 64GB version will be also be available for RM 2,135 (USD 699). As a stand-alone product, the Touch Cover will be priced at RM 367 (USD 119.99) while the Type Cover which utilizes hardware keys will also be available with a price tag of RM 397 (USD 129.99).

Meanwhile, Microsoft has also announced that the Surface RT will be available in eight countries throughout the world on October 26 – the very day that Windows 8 officially arrives into the market throughout the world. The countries that are included in Surface RT launch list are Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, and of course, United States.

Too bad that Malaysia is not part of list (no surprise there though) but nevertheless, what do you think of Surface RT’s pricing? Is it attractive enough to make it the top ARM-based Windows 8 tablet and competitive enough to go against Android and iOS-based tablets? Let us know through the comments section.

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