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POLITIK@NajibRazak, BN's Popularity On A High Rise

@NajibRazak, BN’s Popularity On A High Rise

Survey regarding popularity of leaders and political parties which was done by UKM showed good signs for Barisan Nasional in facing the coming General Election. This was based on the result of the survey which found that Dato’ Seri Najib’s popularity increased up until 76%, surpassing two of opposition leaders, Anwar Ibrahim and Nik Aziz.

As for support among ethnics towards Najib, Malays are at 75%, Chinese at 69.9%, Indian 71%, Iban 85.5 and other Bumi ethnics at 84.4%.

Another survey which involves 1,000 respondents from Klang Valley showed 69.9% agreed that BN would win in the GE13, 37.5% agreed BN would win 2/3 majority while 32.1% agreed that BN would get an easy win.

At the same time, popularity of leaders of opposition and the party itself went down with Khalid Ibrahim at the last place with 55% respondents stated that they are not convinced with PR and that they have doubts with PR’s agenda which would cost huge losses to Malays.

The same thing goes to Azizan Razak in Kedah where from 10,800 respondents, 68% stated that he is not as efficient while 72.8* agreed that he does not really care about the issues which were raised by rakyat.

Besides that, a survey done by Free-Test Malaysia Team which was sent via email regarding Undi Anda: Perdana Menteri Malaysia” (Your Vote: Malaysian Prime Minister) showed that Najib received 58% support, 25% did not care and only 17% chose Anwar Ibrahim.

This development showed that Dato’ Seri Najib’s popularity has been consistently increasing since he became the PM. This can be seen through a research done by UIA from March 2008 until July 2011 where on October 2008, 35% Malay respondents, 33% Chinese and 41% Indian showed that they were satisfied with Najib but and on July 2011, their acceptance increased to 59%, 45% and 62%.

The UIA research also found that popularity of opposition leaders kept on declining before going down to the bottom on this year like what was found on UKM’s survey.

The increase shows that the transformation done by the government has become a success and it had benefit rakyat. It as clear that Najib did not waste any time when it comes to developing for change.

Even though efficiency, honesty and intelligence in administrating became the main factor which caused the increase of the popularity, but we cannot deny opposition’s role in helping to increase this popularity graph.

In other words, opposition’s weakness in managing their states became the reason why support for BN constantly increases. Things turn a lot more sour for the opposition as the leaders are often involved in various scandals and that they often fail to solve issues.

With that, if BN is consistent with the current performance, and PR would keep on practicing their chaotic politics, BN’s popularity would definitely be going off the roof in the coming election.



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