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POLITIKPAS Stood In Silence As There Is No Hudud In PR Manifesto

PAS Stood In Silence As There Is No Hudud In PR Manifesto

Up until today, it seems hard for us to find any PAS supporters who talk much about PR Manifesto even though it has been almost a month since the manifesto was launched.

Instead, it is turning to a regular thing when we see PAS members and supporters only read the manifesto at a glance, some even look at the cover and that’s it, as if it’s not that exiting for them.

PR Manifesto, launched on February 25, really broke most PAS supporters because the manifesto did not mention anything about hudud.

They were shocked and sad, perhaps that is why most ceramah and PR political campaigns including PAS seem slow these days.

All these while, for the past 20 years, PAS leaders and supporters are always proud of their hudud issues that they even belittle how Islam UMNO is, and now, there are nothing but silence.

Up until now, PAS leaders had to stay silent from answering questions on why hudud is rejected by PR, because they are scared if their answers are wrong and their big brother, will scream at them, or that the relationship between PAS and PKR would grow apart.

If they are to answer those questions rhetorically while lying, they are scared that their supporters might be raged and because they are not fulfilling their promise.

From there, DAP and PKR can’t help but to smile because they managed to prove their supporters they are the decision-makers for PR and PAS will stay as their loyal dog.

Perhaps in the final days before GE13, some PAS leaders might just try to sell the hudud issue to their supporters, then again, what is the use?

Fact is, PAS fail to influence PR to accept hudud. Hudud will forever remain as PAS’ dream and their party politics.



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