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Phantom Branches in the DAP’s CEC re-election?


Looking at DAP’s suspicious action in governing their own party, it is not shocking to know why the party “promoted” the phantom voters issue to the people of Malaysia in the last general election. Apparently, “phantom voters” were actually a usual strategy that is used by the DAP to set up their own leaders in the party.

This has been proven as those who were fired prior to the party’s election are given the permission to vote in the CEC re-election that was held on the 29th of September 2013.

          Other than that, their accusation that SPR is not transparent comes from their own character from the party strategy whose doesn’t care in the transparency in the party’s election.

          We can say that what the DAP accused BN of doing is actually what has already been practiced by them all along.

          Ridiculous as it may seems, there are non-existent branches that sent their delegates, to vote in the last CEC.  This particular incident was brought up by the Assistant Secretary of DAP Taman Seri Sungai Pelek Branch who was comparing the numbers of branches that was involve in the first election is not the same as in the second one.

            In the earlier election, there were 865 braches who were eligible to attend, however in the latest election there were 985 branches involved. The existence of the additional 120 branches is still being investigated by DAP party members themselves.

            Other than that, the DAP didn’t even show their full list of the 2,576 delegates who were eligible to attend, and also they need to explain why only 1,756 delegates were given notice for the re-election.

There are more branches but the delegates are fewer, this shows that they are definitely using dirty tricks to elude their own party members, thinking that the re-election was clean as a whistle.

Even though this particular incident was stated loudly and ongoing investigation is done by their members, the DAP still takes a “no comment” stand up till today. They need to answer to their members on why such action was made on behalf of the leaders of the DAP.

From their “no comment” stand, we know that they are planning something that is against the law, or even their own party constitution to ensure that their partiy leaders will not be prosecuted by any means.

We believe that it is impossible for the DAP to let it go even though many of their members complaints and made police reports regarding the matter. When will DAP stop all this dirty tactics and tries to cover up their problems by using gangster’s tactics.  If DAP is really serious to be the leader and not just a bunch of rebels and traitors then the party must obey the constitution and the law.

They are willing to sacrifice their own constitution and laws just so that they can achieve their lifelong dream of conquering the country, what is left for their members to hold on?

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