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POLITIKPM Post Is A Small Matter For PR

PM Post Is A Small Matter For PR

Just like what is expected by political watchdogs, the closer GE gets, the more chaotic PR becomes. Previously, everyone in PR accepts Anwar Ibrahim as Prime Minister and approved Buku Jingga taking over hudud or Welfare Country replacing Islamic country. Various statements were made by PR leaders to justify their agreement.

Sadly, PR is not a party which was established with the same understanding. Each of PR’s allied parties stand on their own with their own top leaders wanting their own palace. All of their supporters hold on to the understanding that their respective party is the best, dominating Pakatan Rakyat.

Chinese supporters believe that DAP overpowers PAS and that is the reason why they still support DAP.

PAS supporters have been trying their best to believe that DAP will not overpower PAS and PAS can never be taken control and that is why they still support the party. Besides, they are scared that they might not be able to descent to heaven of they do not vote for PAS.

Meanwhile, PKR supporters believe that both DAP and PAS would definitely bow down to their leader, Anwar Ibrahim and that is why they still stand behind him.

Hence, for a short period of time, PR became calm and stable. However, everything changes after PAS’s 58th Muktamar.

The Muktamar revealed that PAS supporters have began to realize that DAP and PKR have been controlling their leaders. So, internal crisis and pressure in seeing PAS supporters wanting PAS to control PR is beginning to get clearer. This was shown when they brought up the name of Hadi Awang as PM, pushing aside Anwar Ibrahim.

All of PR leaders try to belittle the actions of PAS top leadership by saying that they are simply dreaming big and the matter will never be taken into consideration. So, Mat Sabu began to joke by saying that if both Anwar and Hadi lost, then he could be the next Prime Minister. It is not impossible if Mahfudz Omar also have the same dream of becoming a PM when he smiled as he was asked by reporters regarding who would he support as Prime Minister.

Tun Mahathir’s suggestion in taking Karpal Singh as the next PM also should not be pushed aside. Karpal has been in the political world for a very long time and he has been consistent in rejecting hudud and Islamic country. He is only inconsistent with one thing, back then he would hit Anwar, and now he defends the opposition leader.

Despite that, lets not forget that if Karpal is seen as a person who deserves the post, then what about Lim Kit Siang? Wouldn’t he be qualified as a PM in this multiracial country because he has the experience of ‘handling’ racial issues during the May 13 tragedy.

And lets not forget about Nik Aziz who is taken by PAS as the great Ulama? But yeah…that was back then.

Most of PR leaders seems to be avoiding from criticizing PAS’s top leadership suggestion to appoint Hadi Awang as PM. Even Anwar tries to avoid from turning it into a big issue. Perhaps DAP is confident that whoever becomes PM, the person would still become their slave. Thus, each of them only gave open comments without giving any clear answer on who would be the next PM if PR wins the next GE.

This situation leaves PR supporters hoping that their respective leaders would become PM while undecided voters would be left in the dark. As if the PM post is not something important and it can be discussed after they have won the GE.

When the fact is, the PM post is a vital factor in injecting confidence of rakyat towards PR. From there, only then we could see how PR Cabinet looks like, and where would the country go under them.

This is because, if Anwar is the PM, then Malaysia will be brought towards liberalism, if Kit Siang or Karpal, it’s Malaysian Malaysia, and if it is Hadi Awang, then Malaysia will become a Conservative Islamic country.

We need to remember that PR is not like BN where its component parties holds on to the same aspiration, respecting the constitution and the sovereignty of the royal institution. And the post of PM for BN is still important, it should go equally the same for PR with their mixed aspirations.

By making the PM post as a small matter, it gets clearer that PR only sees politics as a race for them to get the best power. Whoever sets the game right, they deserve the win. The future of the country and rakyat never really mean anything in their game



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