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POLITIKPR Finally Agreed To Rally In A Stadium

PR Finally Agreed To Rally In A Stadium

Pakatan Rakyat seems to keep on using the same ‘back alley’ strategy and refuses to go the ‘gentlemen’s’ way as part of their effort to push BN aside for the coming GE. This is proven again when they still want to organize rally even when their previous rallies failed to achieve its target.

The rally this time around is known as Perhimpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat and it was proposed to be held at Bukit Jalil National Stadium on November 3, 2012 at 4pm until midnight.

Generally, this rally, just as BERSIH 1,2 and 3 is organized to spread hate messages towards the country’s election system, as an early method to reject the result of the coming election if things do not go their way.

This is the dirty tactic which only those without any integrity and confidence would do.

The only thing that makes this rally ‘different’ is that PR is planning to organize it in a stadium. Their excuse iis that so that they would ‘follow the Prime Minister’s advise to not cause traffic congestions’ might have been part of the discussion.

This excuse proves that PM’s suggestion back then was rational, precise and effective while PR’s refusal proves that they are not rational, irresponsible and stupid.

Finally, PR had to admit that their ‘hobby’ to rally around streets was trouble and it raises rakyat’s hate towards them.

Imagine sin 1998 until now, after dozens of rally which troubles rakyat, only now they realize that what they did is wrong? Only today they realize that organizing peaceful rally in stadium is the better solution?

How can we put our trust to PR leaders if they need more than a decade to understand their mistakes after they have caused tons of problems to all?

However, we should not put such high hope that PR would ever learn from their mistakes. This is because this stadium rally is still in a discussion process. It is not impossible that they might change the strategy at the very last minute. Then the strategy would include supporters parking their vehicles far away from the stadium and they would march on streets before heading off to the stadium.

Let us not forget that PR’s main goal is to show the world that Malaysia is unstable, never in peace, cruel government and rakyat are in rage. This goal can never be achieved if they only sit in a stadium in peace, especially if the number of attendance could not reach its target such as BERSIH 3.0.

Thus, rakyat should always be ready to face PR’s dirty tactics which could annihilate us all in just within a blink of an eye. Do learn from Syria, Egypt, Libya and Tunisia where all demonstrations do not bring any benefit to anyone other than foreign entities.



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