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BERITAENGLISHPR's Tactic In Demanding For Indelible Ink: Everyone Should Be Prepared #GE13

PR’s Tactic In Demanding For Indelible Ink: Everyone Should Be Prepared #GE13

Dakwat-Kekal-sprMalaysia is not a perfect country, but it is not much for us to say that there is nothing significant should be fought in this country other than strengthening the identity of its rakyat. This country is good enough that it could function in peace, stable and prosperous. The only thing it needs is upgrades, not drastic change.

And this is why it is a bit challenging for those who want to bring down the government, in terms of finding issues that are significant enough for them to win.

Thus, like it or not, they had to accuse, create or raise issues which are not significant enough to become issues. That is why, the issues they play are not genuine, which only gives bad impact. For example, the issue of ISA or even using indelible ink for elections.

That is why, we have had our doubts on the opposition’s demand to use indelible ink in elections. The system seem ‘primitive’, and it is vulnerable to all kinds of manipulation other than the fact that it is inefficient. It is weird to see how the opposition really work hard to fight for it while rejecting the biometric system which is much more reliable and advanced.

Sadly, the demand from opposition was not stopped with strong argument, the indelible ink system was then approved even though everyone is aware of its weakness.

Now, as election draws closer, a few sides revealed the opposition’s dirty tactics involving indelible ink. Such tactic has been detected a long time ago and it could have been avoided. Yesterday, Anwar’s former strongman, Dato’ Zulkefli Nordin has revealed how indelible ink will be manipulated by the opposition during voting hours.

According to him, the way it is manipulated by smearing voters’ fingers a few days before they vote. As they are blocked from casting their vote, they will say that ‘UMNO forced them to smear their fingers before voting day to avoid them from voting’. From there, ‘their goons’ will be ready to trigger chaos and claim that EC is not transparent.

If those voters are not blocked and observers confirmed that the ink is not the ink used by EC, and that their name is not crossed yet, ‘their goons’ will trigger chaos and claim that EC is not transparent.

They only have one objective, accusing that EC is not transparent as well as causing chaos until the election result is not rejected.

What PR might have missed iis, it is illogical if they want to accuse EC or UMNO/BN/Government for manipulating indelible ink because it has been proven that EC, UMNO, BN or Government did not favor the system. It would make more sense if the ones who pushes for the approval of the system, PR, has early plans to manipulate it.

Malaysians are not as stupid as PR supporters who would accept anything that is thrown to them. Most Malaysians often use logic to evaluate something. The proof, Malaysia remain in peace under BN leadership since the past half a century.

Besides, this is not the first time PR made this kind of mistake. Before Lahad Datu incident, PR kept on mentioning the matter ‘Sabah will be gone’. The same thing goes to before BERSIH demo turned violent, PR kept on mentioning the matter of police brutality. They are using the same tactic for this indelible ink issue, claiming that it will be manipulated by BN, when PR themselves will manipulate the whole thing.

PR, such tactic is no longer relevant because rakyat is aware of of you.

A baseless fight, without any solid, valid or genuine issue is certainly tough to stay relevant. Accusations and lies need to be improved from time to time and by the end of it, it will just backfire.

Even though this tactic has been revealed, do not think that PR will not go with it. Do believe that they will proceed with this because they know that some of their supporters and a few Malaysians did not receive this information and they would simply believe their lies.

Conclusion is, PR really depends on those kind of votes, voters who do not know anything. Thus, if BN can ensure that rakyat could gain the right information, all that is left for PR are those who do not know.

Whatever it is, everyone should be careful to ensure that PR’s dirty tactic will not happen on voting day. Camera, CCTV, and observers should be stationed at every corner to ensure that GE13 will run smoothly, clean and just as always.



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