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BERITA@SUARAM_INTL: The People Is Sick Of Your Stupid Game

@SUARAM_INTL: The People Is Sick Of Your Stupid Game

Orang kuat di sebalik isu kapal selam : Pengrah Eksekutif SUARAM , Cynthia Gabriel (tengah) dan kanan, Fadiah Nadwa Fikri, peguam cabang PKR, Lawyers for Liberty (LFL)Things surely don’t look so good for SUARAM. The so-called NGO for human rights is now forced to face the people and the law for their devious motive, fund and even existence.

On top of that, SUARAM has no choice but to deal with the mounting pressure to proof their allegation against Dato’ Seri Najib and the government of Malaysia.

Acknowledging the fact, Cynthia Gabriel, Suaram’s secretariat, recently made a statement to assure people that things are going their way at the French court and that the Malaysian government would have to face the music ‘very soon’.

Well, we can almost be sure that the ‘very soon’ is actually ‘never’ because the French has confirmed time and again that there is no trial over what is alleged to be ‘the scorpene scandal’ against the leader or the government of Malaysia and therefore there are no question of anybody being subpoena-ed.

SUARAM has been hammering on the ‘scandal’ for far too hard and too long that their story scattered, lost track and gone out of control.

From the infamous Statutory Declaration by a third party, the withdrawal of the declaration that somehow ended up in the fugitives living luxuriously in London, to a U-turn interview and media statement that made up the ‘first-chapter’ of the ‘scandal’, shows that the story has been chaotic from the beginning.

The second chapter was not much help, where the amount of bribe mentioned, varies all the time.

Then, came the last chapter where some estranged companies were mentioned with the entangling knots and twists with each other that somehow, all finally came down to either Razak Baginda, Datin Seri Rosmah, Dato’ Seri Najib or the Malaysian government.

Even SUARAM has problem connecting their stories together so how can anybody expect the French court to buy such nonsense?

Bear in mind that the French police, court and Foreign Affairs Department have confirmed that there were never any Altantuya who entered their country at the range of year concerned and that there are no case, no trial and no subpoena served to any Malaysians.

But it looks like SUARAM keep insisting that there is. How could they, or how couldn’t they?

SUARAM has gone too far out in their lies. But as a tool to the ‘actual superpowers of the world’, there is no way that it would go down in disgrace and admit that they have been lying. They believe that they will definitely find a way to ‘settle’ this mess.

The ball is at SUARAM’s feet now. In fact, it always is. The ball has never been passed to Dato’ Seri Najib’s feet because if SUARAM didn’t notice, Dato’ Seri Najib has never agreed to play the game with them.

It is just SUARAM playing the stupid game with Pakatan Rakyat (PR) all along, with the Malaysians and the world as audience – a game funded by the superpower of the world.

Since both SUARAM and PR are on the same side how do they expect to win when there is no opponent? SUARAM and PR have been passing the ball to each other and scoring their own goals. It’s stupid, that’s what it is.

Now the Malaysians are sick of this stupid game. The game of scorpene is over for SUARAM and PR.

However, it looks like SUARAM chooses to continue playing and make a fool of themselves. Why? Simply because they have no choice. They are too arrogant to admit their lost and prefer to be a fool, rather than a loser.

You know what? The superpowers must be fools themselves for hiring fools like SUARAM. Perhaps, we should call them the superpowerfools?



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