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The 13th general election is going to be a do or die battle for Barisan Nasional (BN) in particular Umno and to be specific the Malay dominant and power.

The Malays at present is holding on nothing except political power to survive in the co0untry that they called their motherland which is Malaysia.

The Malays, being the indigenous race and majority in numbers, are behind in everything especially and most importantly in economic aspect.

Malaysia and the Malays are the only race that holds the political power despite having none in economic power and second player in the economic field.

There are no Malay buildings to be proud of, no Malay universities and colleges to be proud of, no Malay products in the market to be products of, drive normal cars and only a handful drive luxury cars compared to the Chinese despite the latter is is the minority race.

In short, the Malays have nothing except political power that helps keep them afloat economically through policies and certain kind of help, particularly financial help.

Even in the corporate sector, the Malays are lucky to be on the 30 percent executive level, an unwritten policy that helps them get job equivalent to their qualifications.

And now the Malays, not all but some are shouting for the Malay government to be changed to a Malay opposition backed by a strong Chinese party and an Islamic party which members are all Malays.

BN is also backed by Chinese and Indian parties and other parties representing other minorities but the policies made are decided based on consensus, agreed upon by all before implementation.

IN short, policies are made to benefit all and upon agreement by all, not dictatorial nor secretly implemented.

But now there are calls demanding for such practice to be dumped, demands made through sentiments of hate not through realistic approach based on needs and consideration.

That is the reality as the opposition DAP with the help of PKR, have managed to create an atmosphere of hatred between the Chinese and the Malays and between the public and the government.

The main word used is discrimination…in short…Umno as backbone of BN has been discriminating against Chinese and whatever related to Chinese are sidelined which they claimed including Chinese education.

So they forgot that TAR college and university are for them, they forgot they possess the most luxury cars compared to Malay population despite the Malay population is the highest, they owned practically 99 percent of companies and factories in the country compared to Malays, they infact control – somewhat or rather – and Malays seem to be mere employees without much room to emerge as entrepreneurs.

Watching all these and suddenly the past few months, demands were being made by so-called NGOs representing the community, made in confrontation manner, have somewhat or rather ‘scare’ the majority race and this has affected relationship.

So will the Malays realise all this and retain and maintain their political power and dominant?

Will the Malays come to their senses and retain the Malay leadership so that their children and those after that would not become ‘slaves and beg’ in their own motherland?

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