UMNO Assembly Overpowers All Opposition’s Street Rallies #PAU2012

If some are saying that UMNO or BN is getting weaker by the day, the ongoing UMNO General Assembly proves otherwise.

If we see how things are going in PWTC now, UMNO’s strength and spirit is clearly strong and it has never weaken at all. Leaders come and go, with the guilty sentenced, the right are respected, this enables UMNO to remain as a respected Malay Muslim party.

The doubt which is raised by others do not deter the confidence among party members.

This is because most of UMNO members are wise enough to understand the fight in defending their religion, race and country which has been their main principal.

‘Principal’ is the keyword in UMNO’s strength. Perhaps some members in the party do have their own issues in their life principals, but what is certain us that UMNO itself has never been problematic, the party still stand tall and proud no matter what comes to it.

We can see how parties which sacrifices their principal ended up being slaves to their masters. Those kind of parties would be PAS who sacrificed their Islamic state as well as PKR which was established from prison. Both if the parties are now scared that they might be attacked by DAP.

Due to mixed principals, their coalitions ends up going haywire. They would organize rallies for various things, first for a clean election, then the environment, hudud, total equality as well as a rally demanding a sodomite to be released. In short, as long as they have a chance, they would always ‘fight’, what they fight about, they do not really care about that.

And in the end, their fight only translates into two words, ‘BN K.O’.

So it is cleat that they are not fighting for their principal. Instead, they are just fighting for power.

By stating the name of Allah S.W.T., they prayed for the destruction of their own Muslim brothers, as they relax in their luxury homes, as they fight for posts and compare their assets, they blame everything on UMNO for being the evil one.

Alhamdulillah, UMNO is blessed with leaders who are a lot more rational, smart and wise to be compared to opposition leaders. UMNO did not give any negative response towards the prayers which the opposition made. Instead, UMNO accepted their prayers with warm hearts as UMNO realize that their Muslim brothers are actually confused, and lost and they need to be taught and protect so that they would not be used by others.

UMNO prays that they could finally realize the truth. If they are stepped on, UMNO will not hesitate to defend them.

This is what happened in Penang, when Malays were stepped on where their properties were confiscated, PAS and PKR only asked them to keep calm. So UMNO ended up fighting for these poor souls, even though most of them used to support PAS and PKR in previous elections.

That is why, even if 25,000 supporters joined the BERSIH 3.0 rally, 7,000 in Lynas Rally and god knows how many came for the oil royalty rally, rakyat’s uprising rally, 901 Rally, BERSIH 1.0 and 2.0, or any other rallies, none of them goes as same as UMNO’s General Assembly.

Do believe that this great assembly, which only comes with good intentions, would be able to overpower even 1,000 street rallies organized by the opposition who only have evil intentions. InsyaAllah, with such a strong principal, UMNO will always march forward, not only for Malays, but for all Malaysians.