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POLITIKWar Between Mahfudz-Mat Sabu In Kedah

War Between Mahfudz-Mat Sabu In Kedah

 The seat for the post of Kedah’s Chief Minister can be said as one of the hottest seat there is. This is due to the fact that many PAS leaders want to have the post.

For being too crazy over the seat, PAS do not even consider the situation if they could not defend the state for the coming GE. They seem to be confident that their only problem would be who would replace Dato’ Seri Azizan Razak instead of thinking of ways to defend their power in Kedah.

Few of those who want the post would be Mat Sabu and Mahfudz Omar, other than Phahrolrazi who can no longer hide his wish that he even demanded for Azizan to back off.

Generally, the clash within PAS often include between the Scholars and the moderate group or Anwarinas. The scholars include Dato’ Seri Azizan and his supporters while those who disagree with him would be the moderate group.

As a person who has been practising politics for quite a while in Kedah, Mahfudz was previously confortable because he believes that he is the most fitting individual to replace Azizan once he retires. But now he is threatened by the rumor which says that Mat Sabu wants to compete in Pendang with the objective of becoming the next Chief Minister replacing Azizan.

To put a stop in Mat Sabu’s effort, Mahfuds wrote a letter, on behalf of PAS Kedah to PAS to reject the proposal for Mat Sabu to compete in Kedah. From there, all programs of PAS Kedah would not put both of these two.

PAS Kedah is generally known to be behind Azizan (Scholars). They consider the moderate group and Anwarinas who goes against Azizan as rude, and some of them are even described as the devil.

These moderate group never really receive any help from PAS, Anwar nor DAP. But they had never put any pressure on Azizan considering the fact that he receives strong support from PAS such as Hadi Awang and Nik Aziz and that they are scared if they are seen as a group that does not support the Scholars.

While the leadership of PAS is currently chaotic, the war between Mahfudz and Mat Sabu continues in discreet. While Azizan is still confident that he still has rakyat’s support.

Phahrolrazi in the other hand is planning to bring down Azizan. He even considered his grudge against Azizan as something personal. He is said to be raged with Azizan because the current CM did not approve a project which was proposed by him when he already promised the ‘boss’ for the project that the proposal would be approved.

That had caused him sleepless nights because he is often questioned by the particular ‘boss’. Thus, Azizan would need to be brought down so that he could be in peace.

It seems that Azizan’s enemies are around every single corner of Kedah. But before they begin to shoot Azizan in the face, they would need to destroy one another first until only one could face up against Azizan.

This situation should be used wisely by UMNO Kedah. UMNO had learnt from mistakes where there are no telling that a party might fall even if it has been standing in the state for a long period of time.

This would be UMNO’s best chance to reclaim Kedah because PAS Kedah has now forget their real enemy. They are now really careless in handling rakyat’s issues, which is the main weapon to win elections.



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