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BERITAWWW1 - Response For RPK

WWW1 – Response For RPK

Even though it was not as direct as Nizar, the article made by Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) entitled ‘Why is the Sultan so stupid?’ clearly had insulted the actions of DYMM Sultan Johor in bidding for the WWW1 plate number and rakyat should take this seriously.

The idea that was suggested by RPK was that Sultan Johor should have asked for help from Datuk Seri Hishamudin and Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to get the rights for the number for free (without having to bid), was clearly an insult to the Sultan.

Didn’t he think that if the number was given for free to the Sultan, rakyat might have lost RM500,000? Didn’t RPK think that the Sultan was not the only one who wanted the number, and isn’t it unfair for others who want to own the number if it was given to the Sultan just like that?

At least they knew that they fail to get the number because their bidding was not high enough.

This matter is never really an issue if it wasn’t because of Nizar Jamaludin. Just what had DAP told Nizar that he then decided to tell rakyat to have the royal institution in this country – and using the plate number as an issue.

His first time was when he questioned the actions of DYMM Sultan Perak in rejecting his proposal to dissolve DUN Perak in 2009.

So, the argument made by RPK saying that rakyat did not question on the fact that the Sultan may have used rakyat’s money for the bidding are not true. If we are to follow Nizar’s Tweets, it is clear that he wants rakyat to hate Sultan Johor for using ‘rakyat’s money’ to bid for the number.

When the fact is, Sultan Johor did not do that. Instead, he used his own money for the bidding. That was the message that was conveyed by Johor Crown Prince, Tunku Ismail, as soon as Nizar’s Tweets turned to a national issue.

Actually, this is what Nizar wants. Negative impressions of the royal institution. This would be the start in forming a Republic of Malaysia.

And somehow, after the 2008 election, it seems that more and more Malaysians are forgetting their origin, including the fact that they are getting automatic citizenship even though originally, they are not the the original population of this country – at least after a government system was later established in this country.

And that is why they have to accept the royal institution, Islam as the official religion and Bahasa Melayu as the national language (this is only a few). Instead, all they know is, as long as their parents are Malaysian, they are Malaysian too.

That would be the same reason why some decided to insult the royal institution in this country by using some ‘Malays’ as their mule, they cannot do it themselves because they are afraid to.

Incidentally, Nizar are one of those few Malays who became a tool for DAP to implement their republic agenda within their Malaysian Malaysia slogan.

They can deny as much as they want, but that is their real agenda. The opportunity of internet access is used to poison the minds of younger generation so that they would object the idea of royal institution through the action.

As a man with no country, RPK can criticize about Malaysia all he want, but it seems obvious that he is more of a coward than an instigator.



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