Update Galaxy Note N7000 XXLRU Android 4.1.4 Latest Official Firmware

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  1. Jamain Johari says:

    Confirm bukan JB…. ICS 4.0.4 je….

    JB for GNote expected end of Nov or Early Dec 2012.

    If you are Gnote user,visit me here http://jjpda.blogspot.com/

  2. King Samuel Appiah says:

    the firmware i downloaded is were the files i got. debug_info, delta.modem, delta.platform, delta.Sbl, delta.zImage and odin does not recognize them.

  3. Mohd Ali Mustafa says:

    Sound more like 4.0.4 GB upgrade. JB is 4.1 Pls confirm .XXLRU is not JB but GB..

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