10 Must-Have Apps For The New iPad #pakdin.my

Planning to queue up so you can be one of the first in Malaysia to own the new iPad tomorrow? Well, first, read our tips and tricks about queuing and when you finally land your hands on one, here are 10 must-have apps for the new iPad so you can fully make use of and enjoy its stunning Retina display.

1. Facebook (Free)

Who doesn’t have a Facebook account? The latest version of Facebook comes with support for Retina display so say hello to crispy clear status updates from friends.

2. Angry Birds Space HD (USD$2.99)

Have you played the new Angry Birds Space? I’m sure the HD version will make things even more fun.

3. Flipboard (Free)

With support for the Retina display as well, I’m sure reading will never be more fun.

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4. iPhoto (USD$4.99)

With a better camera, you can now take pictures with your new iPad and what better tool to compliment it than Apple’s very own image editing app?

5. Notetaker HD (USD$4.99)

Throw away the pens and papers and just take notes with your new iPad.

6. Sketchbook Pro (USD$4.99)

For the artistic individuals, I’m sure this is a must-have app for you too.

7. Draw Something (USD$0.99)

I love playing Draw Something on my iPad 2 and I’m pretty darn sure it’s going to be much more fun with the new iPad’s display.

8. Evernote (Free)

Another note taking app, just because it’s free and it comes with Retina display support as well.

9. Instapaper (USD$4.99)

I know you’re a buzy person but you have loads of things to read on your new toy, Instapaper lets you save webpages for you to read later on so if you’re getting a Wi-Fi only iPad, save all the pages and read them while you’re stuck in the train on the way to work.

10. FindMyiPhone (Free)

How can we forget this one? Trust me, it will come in really, really handy. Just make sure your other half doesn’t have your password to stalk your whereabouts.

What are your must-have apps for the new iPad?