Christians Are Beginning Get Rude

Kristian Boleh Guna Kalimah AllahWe are aware that PAS supporters believe that PAS is Islam and Islam is PAS. However, it is weird that whenever PAS or PAS leaders get insulted, these supporters would be outraged, but when Islam or Muslims are insulted, they stood in silence, even if they are mad, they would control their anger just so that enemies of Islam would not be offended. For example, when DAP leader insulted Muslims for organizing demonstrations to oppose the film which insults Rasulullah SAW, PAS defended DAP by saying that the leader is a non-Muslim and that he does not understand Islam.

And yesterday, almost the same thing happened, when Patrick Teoh cursed in his Facebook page because he was raged over the ban which is imposed on public performance in Kedah. Even though the ban was later withdrawn by PAS, as expected, Patrick Teoh’s anger has already been expressed and it is too late for him to deny the statement.

Patrick-Teoh-hina-islam-1What was stated by Patrick expressed such deep hatred, not against PAS actions, but towards Islam because obviously he also thought that Islam is PAS and whatever PAS does, is Islam.

It is very easy for us to blame PAS in this matter, but we should not ignore the hatred expressed by Patrick against Islam.

It is not that hard for us to say that probably Patrick was made because he misunderstood Islam, but is it true? Why should we defend Patrick like PAS did?

Perhaps Patrick’s hate towards Islam is natural and it comes from the Evangelism spirit? If it is true, does all Christians in this country share the same hatred towards Islam just like Patrick? Even though both religion urge for peace?

If the hatred is true, then it is not impossible that it is spreading among Christians. And Patrick’s extreme statement is the proof to show that Christians are rude for challenging Muslims to face them.

The challenge is made because they see that Muslims are getting weaker. Especially when PAS, the so called Islamic symbol, kept on making U-turns, just to please DAP Christians. Issues such as apostate, Malay-language Bible and kalimah Allah is their yardstick in determining Muslims’ strength in Malaysia.

And from their point of view, they see that it is hard for Muslims to unite in defending all of the issues, they even go against each other just because some are defending the matter. Only recently, PAS began to agree with UMNO that kalimah Allah should not be used by other religion. Even then, PAS still would not admit their mistake. In short, the tension between Muslims are still there even if they agree on the same matter.

This is what often fear. UMNO had to be humble to work with PAS, however, PAS would reject UMNO just so that they could be alongside DAP Christians. Any PAS leaders who wish to fight alongside UMNO would either be sacked, pressured or ignored by their own party, as if they are traitors.

And based on that, there is a possibility why Christians are getting rude, because they know that PAS would always be on their side even if they are to step on the Quran in front of PAS. They are convinced that PAS leaders would defend them by saying that it is not wrong because they are not Muslims and they do not understand Islam. From there, Muslims might accept the statement, because it comes from PAS, and PAS is Islam, according to their understanding.

Whatever it is, Patrick Teoh cannot be out of the hot seat just yet even if PAS are to organize any demonstration to defend him. Not understanding Islam should not be the excuse because he lives in an Islamic state with Muslims are the majority. As a civilized, educated and a faithful Christian, Patrick Teoh should apologize.

Lets hope that this episode would not just be a lesson for Patrick alone, all Malaysians should take note of this. It is important for us to let go off all the prejudice and hatred among one another before it is too late. Lets not let those politicians corrupt our mind and rationality. We have been living in peace for decades, why change all that only because of those stupid politicians?