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Yes, I have been watching MACC for some years now, ever since the Ramli and Rosly cases and the exposés that Malaysia Today did on Selangor. And I have noticed that MACC practices selective prosecution. MACC is not the trustee of good governance, as they claim. They have an agenda and their agenda is to play politics.


It looks like my latest article (Why should I support Pakatan Harapan?) has attracted mixed reactions. Of course, the Pakatuns are whacking me and are calling me all sorts of nasty names but then that is to be expected from those with closed minds and tunnel visions.

Actually, in spite of me being a PAS supporter for the last 40 years, I have not spared that party from criticism either. In fact, some of my articles criticising PAS have even been published in the party newspaper, Harakah. That makes PAS a more democratic party than many of the other political parties in Malaysia, DAP and PKR included.

There was one article back in November 2000, soon after the Sanggang by-election, where I whacked PAS real hard. Surprisingly, they published that article in Harakah and when I met the newspaper’s Managing Director he told me that he published that article because he felt that what I wrote was true and he wanted the party leaders to read it.

I have even taken an anti-Hudud stand and wrote many uncomplimentary articles on the matter. No doubt some in PAS were not too happy about that but they never whacked me or called me names like what the DAP or PKR people would have done. They accepted the fact that that was my stand and they respected it. And that is why I love PAS so much — they are true believers in freedom of opinion.

Anyway, in my latest article I have openly stated my stand and make no bones about why I take that stand. Of course, I really did not need to do that because if by now you do not know my stand then you are downright dumb. But then there are many dumb Malaysians out there so I suppose sometimes you need to state the obvious because the obvious is not obvious to some people.

Well, if you think you cannot accept my stand then do not read what I write. I am not forcing you to read Malaysia Today and I do not regard your boycott of Malaysia Today a great loss. Malaysia Today still gets the same number of hits but only that the type and quality of readers has changed. In the past we got hard-core Pakatun readers and now that has been replaced with thinking readers.

In a way you can say that Malaysia Today’s market has shifted. And that does not worry me one bit because we still have a market but a different type of market. And those in this new market read and think and sometimes send me private messages. But they do not bother to post senseless and meaningless comments in the Blog (like the Pakatuns do), which just contaminates Malaysia Today and brings down the quality of the discussion.

Nevertheless, at least I am being open about the whole thing unlike some of the other news agencies and portals. For example, The Star is owned by MCA but serves DAP. So The Star receives money from one paymaster but serves another master. They masquerade as pro-government while in truth they are anti-government. Is this being honest? And you can see the number of anti-Islam and anti-PAS items that they publish. (Malaysia Today picks up these items and publishes them in the spirit of freedom of opinion).

Then we have Malaysiakini, Malaysia Chronicle and The Malaysian Insider that pretends to be propagators of truth but in reality are 100% pro-opposition and their only agenda is to run down the government. Why don’t they declare their stand and say that they are pro-opposition and anti-government? Why try to create the perception that they are neutral when they are the opposite of neutral?

In fact, you can read many anti-Malay and anti-Islam articles in Malaysiakini, Malaysia Chronicle and The Malaysian Insider. Of course, they disguise their anti-Malay and anti-Islam stand by whacking PAS and Umno but the slant is more towards whacking the Malays and Islam.

You may have noticed how the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) uses Malaysiakini and The Malaysian Insider in the game they are playing. They leak information to these two portals when according to the law that is a crime. MACC is acting more like the fourth member of Pakatan Harapan and they are no longer interested in combating corruption as they are in trying to help Pakatan Harapan in hitting the government.

There is nothing wrong in hitting the government. But then if MACC acts as the fourth member of Pakatan Harapan then everything they do becomes suspect. When they do something is it for the good of the country or to help the opposition? And if those in MACC feel that helping the opposition can be equated to doing something good for the country then they, too, should openly state their pro-opposition stand like I have done.

The opposition alleges that the Election Commission (SPR) is biased and is pro-government. But MACC is also biased and is pro-opposition. Have we heard one word from the opposition about this? In fact, the opposition leaders even made a visit to the MACC office to openly pledge support for the Commission.

So now MACC and Pakatan Harapan are good friends. MACC and Pakatan Harapan are collaborating in trying to bring down the government. That is now no longer a secret. Is that why the deaths of Teoh Beng Hock and Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed are no longer an issue?


UTAMAPOLITIKMACC, the 4th member of Pakatan Harapan

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