#FGVH : 85% Settlers Support BN #pakdin.my

GEMBIRA… Sebahagian warga Peneroka terkejut kegembiraan dengan bangun dan bertepuk tangan ketika Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak mengumumkan durian runtuh kepada warga peneroka Felda pada majlis Sejahtera Peneroka Bersama Perdana Menteri di Felda Jengka Lapan dekat sini, Selasa. Perdana Menteri mengumumkan durian runtuh sebanyak RM15,000 untuk satu keluarga peneroka Felda sebagai mengenang jasa warga Felda.

Opposition’s habit in attacking BN with accusations now seem useless. This is because, it might hurt a little, but the lies are never lethal.

That is what happened to Felda. After working hard to criticize BN, opposition seemed to be tired of it, and even settlers seem to be sick of it and the support for BN stayed strong among settlers.

So, now the opposition is again feeling anxious.

According to analysis, support on Felda to BN is increasing to 85% even though some say otherwise.

Even though no one could deny the success of Felda was due to BN, but this do not mean that settlers would have to support BN. During 2004 GE, for example, the support from Felda to BN was at 54%, the support increased during 2008 GE at 80%.

The support then increased during the mini election at DUN Tenang on January 2011 where only 10% of the votes went to opposition. This means that 90% of those settlers supported BN.

There is no doubt that there are a few settlers are not aware of listings. Their support for the government all these while have been based on the government’s credibility to help them. That is why they trust that BN would never bring them down like what is being told by the opposition.

And now, their trust had given them such great reward when they receive the ‘bonus’ after all of their hard work. They would also receive dividends and various other profit that they can never expect. All these thanks to the listings which they did not even have to spend a cent to buy.

Due to this, and various other opposition’s weaknesses had made then choose to stand behind BN.

Now, the opposition had to suffer the consequences when these settlers began to receive their bonus, help and other facilities provided by the government. Even though they say (opposition supporters) that those things are haram, that did not stop them from taking the benefit.

It seems that the opposition is really desperate to gain votes from Felda settlers and that desperation is the thing that causes those settlers to run away from supporting the opposition.