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BERITA#FGVH : Orange Rally Proves That Felda Speaks The Truth

#FGVH : Orange Rally Proves That Felda Speaks The Truth

Himpunan Oren which was held on July 14 can be seen as the end of the line for Persatuan Anak-anak Peneroka (ANAK). With attendance of only 10% from the targeted 20,000, it showed that the support of ANAK towards the rally was really chronic.

Even PAS supporters did not really take part in the rally even though orders were given by PAS for them to join in. This means, from the 2,000 which attended, probably half of them were PAS supporters who simply join in and not children of settlers.

Thus, this proves that ANAK is just a fantasy for Mazlan Aliman who do not represent the overall voice and opinion of Felda settlers.

With this, it is wise for ANAK to stop all of their efforts and embarrassing themselves. Just accept the fact that most settlers do support and that they do trust Felda to take care of them.

All these while, Felda has never lied to settlers, they even provide all facilities to increase their standard of living. It is quite illogical for Felda to take actions that could give negative impact to settlers after working so hard to ensure that settlers would benefit most of their hardwork.

That is why ANAK’s actions in telling settlers to have doubt on Felda and the government is illogical. Especially when ANAK is seen as PAS’s agent with its main objective is just to tarnish the government’s image and not to help settlers.

Perhaps for realizing that Himpunan Oren is just another PAS’s political gimmick, that is why settlers chose to reject it.

What is certain, settlers is beginning to understand that FGVH listings do not bring any harm to them in form of losing their property or the need to use money to buy shares. Unlike others who need to use money to invest, Felda settlers receive their shares for free and their shares are managed by professionals. There are no risk in any of it.

FGVH shares is seen as a low-risk share because 75% of it is owned by institutions and not retails. Institutions which are involved, besides Felda, include Tabung Haji, KWSP and PNB where everything is stable.

That is why settlers would need to be wise before they start to listen to anyone who might tell them that they would suffer loss, just because they want to bring down the government.

It would be better if settlers begin to take note of the share market so that they would not be cheated with mere words.

They should look at this listing as a great investment for their future to increase their knowledge about the market, corporate world and international business.






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