Friday - July 30, 2021 @ 17:45


Parties in the opposition unregistered alliance of Pakatan Rakyat are in reality using each other as platform to further their causes – not for the rakyat or Malaysians in totality.

From day one when they came together, DAP has its own Chinese agenda but of course laced and disguise under a Malaysian image, PAS is pursuing the cause of certain individuals but most over their main objectives of an Islamic state.

DAP claims to be multi-racial but its struggle has been one track – championing the Chinese cause – and its members comprise 99 per cent Chinese.

PAS is Islamic based as its members can be of any race so long as they are Muslims and they pursue for an Islamic theology state, no meandering or deviation in whatever ways.

Now enter Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), multi-racial and borned out of anger when the party de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim was expelled from Barisan Nasional and Umno and charged for abuse of power and sodomy.

The most aggressive and visible because Anwar is well-known even globally, PKR;s aim is to put Anwar in Putrajaya – no matter what it takes as it seems at present.

Despite the three parties getting together – like the saying goes sleeping on the same pillow and mattress and also bed – their dreams are different totally.

Right now, under the calm flowing water of the surface, the three parties are pushing one another to get to the top, to be the dominant so that their leaders can be Prime Minister.

Despite all agreeing Anwar is to be PM, the real scenario is different at the bottom of the calm flowing water.

PAS still insists on its president Abdul Hadi Awang to be PM while for the DAP, it would be Anwar because a non-Malay PM may not be good for the country with majority Malays and to DAP, Anwar is an easy prey because the aprty leaders have all his secrets.

And if PAS’s Abdul Hadi becomes PM, PAS will pursue the Islamic state concept or now has been changed to a welfare state – whatever the name changed it is still an Islamic state because it will have Islamic laws and Hudud will be implemented.

DAP does not want Hudud and Karpal Singh, DAP strongman had said over his dead body while PKR follows DAP stand.

Given the opposing ‘destinations’ the three parties have, what would it be if they win the coming general election?

Would it be like the few Arab nations that had revolutions to change the ruling parties but ended is chaos as everyone wants their ways.

And given such scenarios around the world, do Malaysians want to see this happen here where the present comfortable and peaceful country turns chaotic just because the winners want their ways?

One wonders whether sanity will prevail among those voters who are obsessed with their political leanings now and see the reality.




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