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POLITIKPAS Lied - Claimed Genting Bought FGVH Shares

PAS Lied – Claimed Genting Bought FGVH Shares

 It seems very easy for Subky Latif to accuse in Harakahdaily by claiming that Genting had bought FGVH shares. It seems easy because it did not require any numbers, facts, evidence, or just about anything to justify the claim.

Anyone could simply accuse and say anything, even we can claim that Subky Latif or Hadi Awang had bought Genting shares and then twists everything, just like what Subky did to FGVH and Dato’ Seri Najib in the article.

IF you are to read at a glance, it seems like Subky Latif do not really want to question Genting or FGVH shares, but it is just because he is jealous for not being able to be on top like Dato’ Seri Najib.

Every single one of PAS members and leaders are just about the same. They love to question on ‘how Islamic’ one really is and they would like people to see them as ‘more Islamic’ than other.

In this matter, they want to raise the perception that as if Felda’s management do not know anything about halal-harm, in a way, not Islamic enough.

Perhaps because they had lost in the FGVH case where they failed to stop the listing, people managed to unravel all of their lies and bad intentions, that is why they are raising the question of ‘how Islamic’ FGVH is.

For PAS and Subky Latif, there is no need to doubt the level of how Islamic FGVH is because FGVH do know halal-haram when it comes to business transactions. If there were little mistakes here and there, do correct them instead of making accusations.

But, what is clearer is that the accusation made by Subky Latif, Harakahdaily and PAS is definitely haram.

FGVH shares are in accordance to the syariah based on prospectus and as of for now, there are no ‘Genting’ share holders ever recorded.

However, Genting buying shares should not really be the issue. The issue should go if FGVH buys shares from Genting. But that would never happen as long as it is observed by the government which is dominated by Muslims.

Unless Pakatan Rakyat becomes the government and Anwar Ibrahim brings his pluralism understanding as he become the Prime Minister with DAP as his backbone, then, such matter might just happen.

With that, Subky would need to remember that he is not the only Muslim in Malaysia. UMNO members, Felda settlers and FGVH management are among Muslims too. The only difference is that one like to question on ‘how much faith one has’ and another do not judge.

So, Subky do not have to go around writing lengthy article just to show his rage by belittling the Prime Minister, family and UMNO leaders. Why add more sin?

The Prime Minister would still work for rakyat, Felda settlers would still get to enjoy their hardwork, Felda would continue to grow. Only Subky and PAS are left behind with vengeance fuelling them.



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