Tiada kem yang cukup bilangan kerusi setakat ini

Itu sebab Ahli Parlimen UMNO jangan jadi bodoh, biarkan Presiden membuat rundingan pembidaan | pakdin.my

Rupanya sehingga kini kedua-dua kem tak cukup bilangan kerusi mencukupi. Anwar tidak cukup, Tun Mahathir pun tidak cukup.

Zahid Hamidi dan Najib Razak sudah menyekat di tengah-tengah menjadi blok ketiga.

Itu sebab Ahli Parlimen UMNO jangan jadi bodoh, biarkan Presiden membuat rundingan pembidaan.

Hishamuddin Failing to Keep the MPs for Tun M & Got Outmanouvered by Zahid Hamidi and Najib – Warisan & Muhyiddin Switched to Anwar

Dr Mahathir told ministers at cabinet meeting today that portfolios will be reorganised. Tonight, he’s meeting PH party leaders
Subsequently, he send a link from a Chinese newspaper, Oriental Daily reporting Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim did not attend the meeting and Dato Mustapha Mohamed to join cabinet.

Daim freezing relation

Earlier rumour heard was Tok Pa is to be made Economic Adviser to PM, and current adviser and possibly others linked to Tun Daim in PM office removed.

It was indicative of a cold front developing between Tun Daim and Mahathir. Those on Daim payroll but working with Mahathir will surely be in a dilemma.

However, Daim and Mahathir could be putting up an act as they did during the late 90s-early 2000 economic crisis as a ploy to “reshuffle” their corporate implimentors…..

Hishamuddin was said to have had 27 MPs in his list to crossover, but the number has dwindled to 5 following the excitement over Perpaduan Ummah with PAS. Dato Mastura Yazif, MP for Kuala Kangsar, is one MP and closely associated to Hishamuddin that is heard to be crossing over soon,

UMNO grassroot generally welcome such intention as it helped cleanse the party of undesirables and uncommited leaders with weak resolve that are unable to withstand challenges and pressure.

Talk about weak heart, there are overtures from PPBM leaders at branch and divisional level talking to UMNO leaders and offering to takeover their PPBM branch and division….
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