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Yesterday, Nik Aziz criticized opinion made by Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria, Perak regarding PAS where he thinks that PAS is going sideways and had abused the name of Islam and Nik Aziz said described that as a rotten opinion from a mufti. Previously, Nik Aziz questioned the fatwa which stated ‘rioting to go against the government is haram’, which was a result from a research made by 24 National Fatwa Committee members. Nik Aziz’s harsh critique on these Mufti was just to justify that BERSIH 3.0 is something that is allowed in Islam.

The public generally accepts Nik Aziz as a scholar. PAS in the other hand, takes him as something that is a lot bigger than any other mufti, a Mursyid. Nik Aziz is considered as a miracle where he could receive revelations and that he could forgive others’ sins. They think that anything that comes out from Nik Aziz would always turn to reality. So, when Nik Aziz prayed that Tun Dr. Mahathir’s stomach would burst and voters would only see ‘the moon’ on their voting paper, every single PAS supporters believed all of that.

But, Tun Dr. Mahathir remain strong, still have a very sharp mind, respected and loved by the world. BN also managed to remain in power in this country. Only Nik Aziz is getting old that people had to prepare a bed in his office and that he could not go through stairs.

Nik Aziz also had performed various solat hajat with PAS’s members so that Anwar Ibrahim remain safe. Instead, bad things happened to him. One by one of his scandals were revealed, one by one of his friends started to leave him and rumors said that it is getting hard for him to contain the HIV in his blood. True or not, it is not our problem.

But, have have we ever asked ourselves on who appointed Nik Aziz as a scholar?

What are his qualification to question fatwa of those muftis and to describe that their opinions were rotten? Haven’t we ask ourselves why all of Nik Aziz’s prayers were never really answered, and things would often go the other way around? But, why is he being ‘praised’ as such?

It is not time for all Malaysians to accept the fact that Nik Aziz is no a scholar.

Back then, he was just a youth who learned religion in Deobond, India and as he got back to Malaysia, he became a tadika Kemas teacher while teaching al-Quran and gave speeches and religious talks before he became the leader of PAS. But that do not make him a scholar, someone who is knowledgeable and wise. This is because, since his return from India, Nik Aziz has never done any research or publish any paper that can be refered by the world.

Thus, why should we put him as a scholar? Little do we know that Muslim scholars back then were among scientists, doctors, architects and those who contributed to the world. They invent, find solutions and answers in our surroundings – the sky, land, oceans etc.

But why today, the qualification of being a scholar is so easy that if we learn about religion, we are one, without even having to contribute anything? And why would their contribution only limited to religious talks and not studies that could benefit mankind? Why is the religion only limited to preparation for death and not about the miracle of life?

In reconsidering Nik Aziz’s status in the society, we also need to look back and focus on good or bad scholars around the world.

Today, Nik Aziz’s position is at its worst. He is being called with so many names. No one would even ‘be nice’ when they insult him. No more respect even though he is much older than others.

Despite all that, Nik Aziz still thinks that he is a huge scholar that is respected, thanks to all of his fanatic fans. That somehow got him away from reality.

This article is not meant to humiliate him, but it is to bring him back to reality. Nik Aziz and Tan Sri Harussani are vastly different when it comes to knowledge, mind and just about everything. If it is not that wise for us to think that Nik Aziz’s opinion mattered more than Tan Sri Harussani and other mufti.

Evidently, Nik Aziz is a lot better when he was a teaching children compared to now when he become the Chief Minister and Mursyidul Am PAS as he did nothing but destruction.

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