World Value Survey Prove Chinese As The Most Racist -

World Value Survey recently presented its survey result regarding the social behavior of people from 80 countries based on evaluations which has been made for three decades. Utusan Malaysia quoted the survey and the findings show that Chinese, especially those in Hong Kong are the most racist where 71.8% of them refuse to be neighbours with other races.

Malaysia in the other hand, recorded 20% – 39.9% number of people with the same attitude, lack of tolerance between races. Perhaps it is not wrong for us to say that Malaysia receive this number because 23% of the population in the country consist of Chinese.

The result from World Value Survey clearly show the attitude of Chinese no matter where they are.

Malaysia is the place where it is most obvious because not just that the Chinese here refuse to be neighbours with other races, they also prefer to segregate their children away from other races through Vernacular School. This is enough to show that the Chinese do not tolerate, refuse to interact as well as reject any form of unity with other races.

Other evidence can be seen through the country’s economic activity where it is controlled by the Chinese.

It is no longer a secret that private companies owned by Chinese uses ‘race’ as their key factor towards looking for employees. This is done by putting the usage of their mother tongue as a vital requirement for those who want to work for them and at the same time entirely pushes the national language aside. By doing so, they are able to limit their employees to their race only.

The excuse saying that Mandarin is important in the world today is just a stupid excuse because even Singapore, Malaysian Chinese’ favourite place, do not acknowledge Mandarin. Instead, the country set English as its main language and Singapore’s economy still thrives. Singapore do not have any Chinese schools to ‘protect’ Chinese culture.

However, this does not mean that Singaporean Chinese do not share the same racist attitude as practiced by their fellow Malaysian Chinese. The only reason why there are no Chinese schools in Singapore as well as putting Mandarin in front is because in Singapore, the Chinese have already gained total power.

This explains the real attitude of Chinese where they are not interested to protect their culture or language. All they want is their ‘race’, where their race should control everything.

The excuse to protect their culture is just to cover their racist agenda.

That is why, in business, we see how the Chinese never let other races compete with them in a healthy manner. They have been detected a few times, sabotaging Malay entrepreneurs in subtle ways even though the Malays never question the fact that the Chinese monopoly everything all these while. They even accuse the government as racist if projects are awarded to Malay companies, even though their race did get fair share for those projects.

World Value Survey
World Value Survey

The ugly side of this race is that they often shout for healthy competition, but at the same time they would criticize anything that leads towards healthy competition.

This show that they are not just racist, but hypocrite and oppressor as well.

In short, the Chinese will never be satisfied until they are on top. When they migrate to any countries, including the west, the first thing that they would establish their own ‘area’, often known as China Town. Shops in China Town will never give any chance to other races as they really want to live within their own community, isolated from other races. From there, they form their own ‘power’ through triads and they never respect ‘outsiders’ despite of the fact that they are the migrants.

For those who work or deal with companies from China, they should be aware on how tough it is for the Chinese to say ‘sorry’ or ‘thank you’, even to their own customers.

And this is the real attitude of the Chinese, ‘rude’ – no tolerance, no respect and they do not care for others.

Conclusion, the Chinese are the main factor for racial issues in Malaysia, and anywhere, really. They may seem ‘normal’ in small groups, but they will cause discomfort and anxiety among society due to their rudeness and the nature of refusing to mix with other races.

UTAMAENGLISHWorld Value Survey Prove Chinese As The Most Racist

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