Who Is Under Pressure, Nik Aziz or Soi Lek? @nikabdulaziz @drchuaSL #pakdin.my

All of the sudden, Mursyidul Am PAS, Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat came forward to criticize the explanation provided by MCA President Chua Soi Lek regarding his comments on PAS’s hudud.

Usually, when it comes to the dignity of Islam, Nik Aziz rarely come up to give this elaborate statement. Just look at the issue of Ngeh Koo Ham from DAP, waiting for Nik Aziz’s response was simply too long.

Even in the issue of curbing murtad by JAIS against a church in Selangor last year took a very long time for Nik Aziz to respond. The only statements which came from PAS leaders were criticisms on the actions taken by JAIS.

But this time around, Nik Aziz somehow came up and gave his statement, slashing Soi Lek’s explanation.

The Kelantan Chief Minister even claimed that Soi Lek is now under pressure as he provides his response due to pressure given to him by PAS leaders and supporters.

The irony is that it was only around two weeks ago when it was revealed that Nik Aziz made a statement in August 12, 2009, giving the ‘greenlight’ to DAP to insult Islam with the excuse that DAP leaders are not Muslims.

Meanwhile, a few PAS leaders including its President, Hadi Awang on August 12, 2012 then confirmed that DAP do have the rights to reject and question hudud, also with the excuse that DAP leaders are not Muslims.

Then now, all of the sudden, Nik Aziz is stressing that Soi Lek is under pressure for insulting Islam. Who is really under pressure? Soi Lek or Nik Aziz himself?

In his response which was published in Mingguan Malaysia last Sunday, Soi Lek stressed that his criticism was only on the effects of PAS’s hudud which would impact the economy, he did not mean to question Islamic teachings.

But from Nik Aziz’s point of view, Soi Lek should not have given any response for his previous statement, so that his criticism could be manipulated, probably by then Nik Aziz would not be under pressure.

The MCA President obviously would not sit still as he saw his statement being manipulated by PAS and PR just so that PAS could fulfil their political agenda and to defend DAP’s agenda which are anti-Islam and anti-Malay.

Nik Aziz actually felt the punch because Soi Lek openly stated that his criticism was only meant for PAS’s hudud, that is the only reason why Nik Aziz came back to fight.

Especially when Soi Lek reminded rakyat on PAS’s manifesto back in 1986 which stated that the implementation of hudud would involve non-Muslims as well, vastly different than PAS’s hudud 1993 version.

Nik Aziz seemed to be in a dead end when it comes to finding concrete answers between hudud 1986 and 1993. So it is confirmed. The one who is actually under pressure is Nik Aziz himself.