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aspan-dapIs DAP truly a racial party or is still pondering on where to field the Malay members?

Or is the party leaders and its partners – Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) and PAS – are still ‘discussing on which seats go to which party and the Malay members in DAP would only be named at the last minute?

With the party’s decision to field Mohd Sabry Airff or popularly known after his blog Sakmongkol in Raub, Pahang, Aspan Alias, a former Umno strongman from Negri Sembilan, is still in oblivion.

Aspan joined DAP on the same day as Sakmongkol, in January 2012, where DAP held a big press conference, welcoming the Malays who are known and popular in Umno, who DAP pride as the front to shed the party’s Chinese image.

After the big welcome, Malaysians expected the Malays in DAP to be given bigger role in helping the party look more Malaysian, more approachable to the Malays and more open.

However, until today the party has still got a lot more to do to convince the Malay voters it is not a chauvinistic party as claimed by those oppose to it.

According to friends closed to Aspan, he has yet to know where he will be contesting or in the first place whether he would be picked to contest is not talking about the subject.

They claimed DAP leadership has not been in communication with him and he has not even been invited to talk in ceramahs.

They said Aspan has been travelling round the country giving talks in PAS ceramahs because that is the only party that has been inviting him to do so.

They said he does not care about being picked or not but political observers dismiss such notion saying Aspan would have thought DAP would field him as a candidate given the lack of ‘influential Malays’ in DAP.

Aspan’s close friends who monitor his facebook and blog since last year claimed he has some 15,000 daily readership who response and actively participate in the subject posted.

This is excluding some 250,000 hits he gets through links to his facebook and blog, in short, he has wide followings all over the country and many are asking where he is contesting and these followers are multi-racial, not just Malays.

With such followers around the country, ignoring his ‘importance’ may cause setback for the party among the Malay voters in one way or another.

Late last year, there were talks among DAP members that he would be fielded in Seremban Parliamentary seat and Temiang state seat.

The talks among DAP members in Seremban suddenly fizzled and at present even Aspan’s name is not mentioned by DAP members in Negri Sembilan and anywhere else.

And until today, Aspan is still giving ceramahs whenever being invited without a thought of whether he will be fielded or not.

Of course, Aspan’s friends who are in Umno are laughing at the treatment DAP is giving him now saying: “He deserves it.”



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