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Now the game begins…at least in PKR…it’s the Chinese leaders versus the Malay leaders in the party, in particular in Penang where Mansor Othman is the target’.

‘Stabbed at the back’ by his own men who are supposedly to be the Chinese members because they were the ones who attended the March 19 meeting where Mansor had ‘run down Lim Guan Eng with names calling – arrogant and corky’, Mansor has now to choose either to stay on and fight or leave the party and spill the beans.

When the minutes of the meeting was leaked few months ago, Mansor, in the presence of none other Guan Eng himself, in a press conference, had denied uttering such words, and one can read that he was ‘forced’ to make the denial looking at the his facial expressions and body language.

Following that, matters cool down but the ripples and cracks have shown in Penang PKR between the Malay and Chinese members.

Those who attended the meeting chaired by Mansor that time were all Chinese leaders and obviously no one else could have leaked the minutes, where currently tape recording of the meeting is being circulated and distributed to the media.

The episode goes to show that all is not well in PKR as the whole thing reveals two things in the state PKR – Mansor’s position is being undermined and PKR and DAP are not in good terms.

The episode also goes to show that DAP and Lim Guan Eng is actually leading with ‘an iron fist’ to the extent that even Mansor could voice out such statements – reflecting his frustrations and disagreement.

Unfortunate for him, the close-door meeting supposedly to be secret within the four-walls leaked out – thanks to the one of the members who probably wanted to be in the good books of Guan Eng – a Chinese because other than Mansor, those who attended were Chinese.

So at this present moment Mansor has to make a decision whether to stay on in PKR or leave fast before his political career ends in a ‘bad way’.

Knowing now that there are people from within who want to ‘kill’ him, it is better for him to leave PKR now and fight back because he could not hope for de facto chief Anwar Ibrahim to defend him.

Anwar has his own agenda and he does not care what happens to other people – he has done this many times and he has no qualms about ‘killing or abandoning’ anyone so long as he achieves his aim, his ambition.

Right now to him, Mansor is nothing and could not contribute anything to eleviate his position but Guan Eng does. Guan Eng has the DAP to back Anwar to Putrajaya while Mansor has nothing, even Mansor’s position is at the mercy of Anwar and Guan Eng.

In such situation, it is best Mansor leaves PKR now before it is too late or before he is ‘killed politically by the man he trusts who is Anwar Ibrahim’ and abandoned at the roadside.

It is best for Mansor to act first by leaving the party and spill the beans so that Anwar and Guan Eng could not achieve what they aimed for.

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