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Muzakarah With UMNO, PAS’s New Drama Series

When PAS realize that they are stuck and left behind, they begin to rekindle with issues of hudud, Islamic nation and muzakarah with UMNO. This is the usual matter that would happen when PAS is in trouble and when they receive less support. And now, not just that they are losing support, their position in Pakatan Rakyat is getting smaller and smaller by the day.

Writer would like to focus on the issue of muzakarah.

Although Nik Aziz today said, “I am prepared to have a muzakarah with anyone, including UMNO.” Well, we all know that it is only meant for UMNO. He mentioned it that way just so that it would not look obvious.

Why did writer say that? Because in PAS’s political scenario in Malaysia today, who would want to muzakarah with PAS? MIC, MCA and PPP? Who? Only UMNO would want to work with PAS. DAP and PKR would definitely be out of topic because their cooperation with PAS did not even went through with any muzakarah.

The question that writer has is that aren’t PAS embarrassed in asking for muzakarah with UMNO considering all the bad things that they have said to UMNO especially four years back? Where is their dignity? A few days back, Hadi Awang also said the same thing, but it cannot be taken because he is not PAS’s true leader, Nik Aziz is.

Now it is clear why Anwar really wanted to take over PAS in discreet. Turns out, Anwar is scared that the muzakarah might turn to reality and that Pakatan Rakyat would be way back. Obviously, when muzakarah is held, the talks on politics and balanced power for the cooperation would be applied.

This is what Anwar would like to avoid. Even how low PAS is to be compared to UMNO now, PAS still has a strong support to be compared to DAP and PKR who only depend on Chinese votes, and Malays who are unsure about issues that are being brought up.

Thus, UMNO should avoid themselves from being trapped with PAS’s cunning game. This muzakarah deal is just another agenda that might have bad intentions. Whatever it is, it would only provide benefit to PAS and it would only give a bit of moral advantage to BN and UMNO. What PAS really want is not to unite. What they want are benefits, it the cooperation is realized.

UMNO leaders should remember that PAS’s cooperation with BN back then only showed loyalty towards PAS alone. If their demands are not fulfilled, PAS would leave in no time. They would not even care of what they have agreed upon, as long as they get what they want.

That is PAS.

Even when they are working alongside PKR and DAP, they still have the guts to suggest that they want to have a muzakarah with UMNO, is there any guarantee that history would not repeat itself if the muzakarah is realized like how it was in the 70s?

This is what writer hope that UMNO leaders would see. Lets not get trapped with this drama. We already know how the story went before it even begin.

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