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Nik Aziz Is Willing To Give Putrajaya To DAP For Power

There were two things that happened last week; first, DAP’s racist attitude became clearer and clearer when its National Chairman, Karpal Singh stated that he would work hard to ensure that there will be non-Malay Prime Minister in Malaysia in the future.

Secondly, due to greed for power, PAS’s Leader, Nik Aziz Nik Mat fully supported Karpal’s idea just as long as the person is a Muslim.

Which means if Lim Guan Eng, or his father, Lim Kit Siang convert to Islam, then they, according to Nik Aziz, can be brought to consideration, whether they can be Prime Minister or not.

For wise Malays, hearing something as such from a person who is dubbed as a ‘Tok Guru’, they must have thought that such opinion must have happened due to Alzheimer.

That might be true because Nik Aziz is almost 80 years old.

Perhaps the age factor was the reason why he went on both sides when it comes to the muzakarah issue with UMNO – once he agrees and another time he disagrees.

Perhaps it is the age, or he is just crazy for power because he might want to defend his title as Kelantan’s Chief Minister.

PAS has proven that the party simply crave for power just so that their dreams could come true. If back then, they worked really hard for the objective to form an Islamic nation, but after working alongside DAP, the spirit to build an Islamic nation is starting to fade, all because of being in a coalition where most of the members are non-Muslim. Now, PAS no longer fights for an Islamic nation. Instead, the only want a Welfare nation, for the sake of DAP.

That is the attitude of leaders in Pakatan Rakyat – everyone is crazy for power and that they are willing to sacrifice their religion and their own races, all for the sake of power.

Nik Aziz even defended Anwar Ibrahim, PKR’s leader who is very low in moral, and a sodomite.

So, it is not surprising if he would work alongside DAP if that is what he needs to do to gain power.

Nik Aziz seemed to be blind, or pretended to be stupid when he said that non-Malay can be a Prime Minister, just as long as the person is a Muslim.

Would he retire and let Anuar Tan become the Exco in Kelantan Cabinet?

We would like to see whether Nik Aziz is a man of his words or he simply says what he likes, even if it does not make sense.

The fact is, UMNO is the only political party that would fight to defend Malays in this country.

PAS can never do anything to defend Malays from these anti-Malay parties.

Unlike PAS, what was stated by Karpal cannot be seen as a joke.

Didn’t Nik Aziz realize the political history on how the third Tanjung Project that was launched by DAP since the 70s had made them won Penang back in 2008 General Election?

Although it took 30 years for them to win, but DAP is consistent with their ambition, and it was then realized.

DAP would never really get a hold of Penang if PAS and PKR leaders did not betray Malays.

Malays should open their eyes because perhaps one day, PAS and PKR might leave Malaysia’s leadership to DAP if they get to Putrajaya.

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