Selling Land Is The Answer To Free Education?

Selangor Chief Minister, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim has stated that the state government is willing to liquidate assets owned by UNISEL to solve the issue of temporarily frozen loan from PTPTN.

If it becomes a reality, there is no doubt that it is the policy for free education from PR. Probably.

This year, they want to sell off 500 acres worth of land, perhaps next year they would be selling all of UNISEL – all for the sake of getting free education, right?

The correct thing is, since the issue of freezing PTPTN to UNISEL only ggives more color to the political arena in this country. seems obvious that providing free education like what was told by PR is only rhetoric.

And when it is frozen, a few opposition leaders seems uneasy.

Back then, PTPTN was hated, now it is missed like crazy. And only by now they are saying how important PTPTN is for students.

Khalid Ibrahim’s open statement in wanting to sell UNISEL’s land has clearly cracked a secret open where the opposition clearly have no detailed plans for each of their promises.

They simply talk, without thinking and all of their efforts are just to gain attention and popularity.

In this issue, they are pretending that they want to sell some lands and in the case of Yayasan Selangor has proven that there have been lands which have been sold to cronies on the excuse that it did not bring any benefit, what would they want to sell next?

Selling off assets, lands along with other things have been a trademark for PR when they had to face problems.

Let us all hope that it would not be a culture for them when it comes to solving economic issues on the excuse of taking care of children. Things might go bad.