Watch Shows On Mobile Devices: Astro On-The-Go To Be Launched Soon

Have you ever wished that you could watch all those show on Astro on your mobile devices? Well, that is exactly what Astro going to launch soon. Dubbed as the Astro On-The-Go, the service will receive its official launch next week. We don’t have any exact details on the new service other than the image above and judging from the looks of it, the new service will be available for smartphones, tablets and laptops users.

On another hand, mobile services are not something new from Astro as they already have quite a number of mobile services on their hands but majority of them are on-demand basis rather than actual live broadcast which is what we expect the new Astro On-To-Go will be.

Nevertheless, we like the fact that the launch comes just in time for UEFA Euro 2012 (heh). We’ll keep you updated once we receive further more information on the upcoming Astro On-The-Go mobile service, so stay tuned!