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Nampaknya Fesbuk mendapati post saya mengenai cara orang Cina boleh menunjukkan bagaimana mereka terlalu angkuh dan sombong sebagai ‘hate speech’.

Dan mesej ini dari seorang budak Cina mungkin ada peranannya kerana dia beranggapan bahawa saya ni terlalu kritikal terhadap seorang wanita Cina yang datang berjumpa saya untuk menyelesaikan masalah saman.

Ini sebahagian mesej dia kepada saya:

“My point is only one, not everyone has the luxury or background to be able to grow up and receive the exposure and education to be the Model Malaysian Chinese that you think everyone should be.

Some who grow up poor has to let go of education to provide for their family and yes it still does happen now, some who aren’t gifted academically would be unable to pick up these languages (but because of ur post only Malaysian Chinese would get all the blame for not wanting to learn Bahasa), there are some parents who worry for their children to being a minority growing up and fears of them being bully ( I don’t encourage this as it only creates divides and segregation among races but could you blame any parent that worries?). See from the perspective of the middle class and poor in Malaysia.”

Sensitif juga kan orang Cina? Tapi saya nak tanya la, kalau kamu semua begitu takut menjadi minoriti di Malaysia, kenapa pula adanya orang Cina di Kelantan yang okay saja? Kenapa pula ada patung Buddha yang agak besar di Kelantan juga?

Orang Cina ni ditekan sangat ke apabila ramai diantara yang terkaya di Malaysia merupakan orang Cina?

I want to debunk this viewpoint – the poor and middle-class Chinese are not worse off because they get to go to government schools. They still get free education because of how much subsidies our government puts into the education system.

The poor and middle-class Chinese can get medical treatment in government hospitals because of how much subsidies our government puts into subsidies for medicines.

But we still have Chinese who go to these government hospitals and talk bad about the majority Malay staff, who complain about not being able to see a Chinese doctor because they cannot speak Malay etc.

One of the reasons why I don’t take part in politics anymore is because I have people close to me whom I care for and take to the government hospital every so often. And I see this entitled behavior a lot.

Chinese want cheap treatment but also want to be an entitled prick about speaking in Malay.

These type of Chinese exists whether you like it or not and they do make the Chinese look bad regardless of whether I write about it or not.

Let me put something in perspective as well. I didn’t judge the Chinese lady for being the things you said she might be but for her assumption that all enforcement officers are all bribe seekers like it is a default worldview.

And I have plenty of other examples.

I once met a Chinese hawker who lived in a new village who complained about how her water bill was excessively high and she blamed the Malay meter reader of being corrupt and trying to get her to pay a bribe.

When I advised her to hire a plumber and check if there are any leaks first within her house, she comes back next month to tell me there was a leak, that her water bill was now back to normal and that my advice saved her house from more water damage.

Forgotten was the racist remark that the Malay meter reader was the one at fault for her high water bill.

You know how I can tell these stories?

I actually bothered to go to various government departments, meet nice Malay, Chinese and Indian officers who were all too eager to teach me.

I actually bothered to visit the slums and low-cost flats that I am very sure many of you privileged Chinese do not bother because you cannot even speak Malay well enough to interact with the less fortunate.

But you must protect your own sanctimonious worldview about how the Chinese are discriminated against right? Kepala otak engkau la.

The Chinese control a large chunk of our private sector and there are plenty of studies to show how Chinese hiring practices are discriminatory (must read and write Chinese).

And just for the record, while my rant is public, your identity isn’t. You are only as brave as a private message, too fearful of defending your own views in public.

You are what is wrong with the Chinese in Malaysia k. But I bear you no ill will just as I do not care for all those Umno and DAP fellas who have fought with me politically.

We all want to protect what we believe is the truth. I just made the mistake of trying to find out whether all the prejudice that we Chinese have were actually true or not and discovered in my journey through life that much of it was just made up propaganda designed to breed animosity.


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