Penang Rakyat Will End Up Drinking Sewage Water

empangan-airThe issue on water supply between Kedah and Penang seems to be getting nowhere. Since the first time it was raised on Kedah’s 2013 Budget last year, only a single letter was sent by Kedah government to Penang in regards of the matter.

Even then the letter was only sent after receiving response from the media through Executive Officer of Perbadanan Bekalan Air Pulau Pinang (PBAPP), Jaseni Maidinsa who refuse to pay for the water supply channeled from Sungai Muda, Kedah on reasons that are stated in the Riparian Right where Kedah does not have the rights to take any payment because the water supply that are taken are from a natural resource.

Jaseni gave the example of the Mekong River which supplies water to a few countries across its course and those countries do not have to pay to China. He then explained that even though some states do pay out for their water supply such as Malacca to Johore and Pahang to Selangor, it is because the water supply are not from any natural resource, they channel through pipe lines or tunnels.

from there, Kedah is still yet to provide any response other than a few media statements made by Kedah Exco, Phahrolrazi who stressed that the state government still insist on claiming for payments on water supply given to Penang.

From the recent update two days ago, which is just the same thing where Phahrolrazi once again mane a media statement ‘complaining’ because Penang still have not give any response to Kedah’s three suggestions to charge 3cent/m3 over the water supply to Penang. He said, Penang’s refusal to response to this matter is making things more complicated.

Penang however, chooses to ignore everything.

If Phahrolrazi or Kedah Chief Minister, Dato’ Seri Azizan Razak, are a little bit smarter, they should realize that DAP Penang is showing where really PAS is in their eyes, even if they are a government of a state. Moreover, PAS’s actions in putting estimated revenue from something which is still yet to be discussed, justifies how low DAP thinks of PAS as they do not even know how to properly present their state Budget.

However, just like Guan Eng, Azizan is just as arrogant. generally, they are the same, stupid and arrogant. The only difference is that Guan Eng do know all things that are happening in his state, Azizan however, does not know anything. Thus, Guan Eng has full power in all projects in his state but Azizan cannot do the same.

This water issue can never end because Azizan’s facing a hard time with the state fund. Things are worse as he does not know how bad the state fund is because he simply does not have any power in most projects in the state that are ran by his men.

Azizan may know a little that his state is in a bad place but he also know that he cannot do anything about it. His ego is too big for him to actually investigate everything by himself because he might not be able to accept the fact that he made mistakes.

Considering that Azizan is desperate in terms of following the Budget he presented, it is not impossible that he would take a drastic action such as the ‘treat’ posed by Phahrolrazi. It is not impossible that Kedah would find ways to stop channeling water supply to Penang through Sungai Muda.

Azizan has proven that he is ready to take the risk of getting mud flood in Kedah just so that he could continue logging activities in sensitive areas, He proudly stated that he would risk it to generate money for the state.

Thus, we need to remember that desperate people would do anything. If he is willing to risk with rakyat’s lives, then what would he do to other states? That is why we should not be shocked if Azizan stops water supply to Penang if Guan Eng refuses to pay for it. And if PAS maintain their power in Kedah, people of Penang might just end up drinking sewage water.